Oct 5, 2007

Hooked To MuSiC

I am addicted to SaReGaMaPa Show on the indain channel. Its becomes a routine to watch it every friday and staurday. The singers are excellent and its so relaxing to hear each one of them. What is really sad about the show is the drama of the Judges. Especially Mr. Himmesh Reshamiya... what a drama queen!!! I cant believe what nonsense he speaks on this talent show. From promoting false love stories(more of infatuation)to putting the contestants down only to promote his singer.

Irrespective of what nonsense he does on the show, the top 3 contestants are excellent and all three of them deserve to win. I love this show except the blah blah that comes out from Mr. Himmesh Reshamiya. God!! someone should tell him to shut up...its irritating for sure.

The top 3 contestants are
Raja Hassan, Amanat Ali and Aneek Dhar

Here is the site for you to check their performances.


Aug 29, 2007

Fictional Fragment : Vijji and magie noodles

It was summer vacation, Vijji,Vali and Vichu were home.One afternoon little Vijji tired and hungry from playing went to her pati(grand mother)to feed her some food.Pati said it was 4 pm and and there is no more lunch left. She offered Vijji a drink. Vijji was hungry and she wanted to eat something tasty and spicy. Her grand mom tried offering Vijji different things from the kitchen,Vijji stayed stubborn and wanted grandma to make her something different and delicious.Vijji's dad who heard all this gave her some money to buy his favorite snack from a nearby shop. Vijji nodded no.Valli and Vichu tagged along and were hungry too.Being the eldest Vijji had no alternative but to listen to her Dad. Vali and Vichu who were busy climbing the terrace heard this and ran away. They didn't want to walk all the way to the shop with Vijji.

Vijji went running to the nearby shop. An Old man behind the store looked at Vijji and said, 'are you here for moong dal'. Vijji and her sister often came to buy 'moong dal'on friday afternoon for their father as it was his favorite snack. Vijji nodded yes. The shop keeper said "sorry no moong dal today would you like to try some Maggie noodles?". Vijji wondered what Maggie was?? He said its noodles and the most tasty thing he ever had . His wife an old lady popped out from nowhere and said "yes very nice... buy it". Vijji was short of cash but Store keeper said he would pick it up from his mom on her way back home from work.

Vijji was worried what her dad would say.But she was convinced that Maggie is the new thing and she was going to be famous when she talks about it to her friends in school.She reached home and told him about this amazing snack called Maggie noodles and how tasty it was. She told him that all her friends had tasted it and she was the only one left to eat it. Her dad laughed and said, 'give it to pati'.
Vijji ran up and asked her pati to make it for her. she called Vali and Vichu to tell them about the noodles. She was proud when she explained how tasty it was. Vichu and Vali were keen to have it .

Pati saw the packet and asked Vijji to read her the instructions. Vijji helped her pati to cook them for her. Her pati said 'why do these look like worms to me. Are you sure its not worms'? Vichu and Valli looked with a disgusting face ,as though Vijji had committed the most biggest crime in the world. Vijji was upset but she put her chin up and said It was the way it was made and tasted like nothing they have tasted before. Pati was worried that she had cooked worms in her kitchen.She looked at the idols of god asked them to forgive her for killing all those worms and cooking them for the kids.

Vichu and Vali tell Vijji that they were with pati and wouldn't eat those worms. Vijji wanted to cry . But she took those noodles and slipped them into her mouth and sucked them in. She was smiling. She said it was the most amazing thing she had eaten. She offered it to her dad who said it was really good.
Vichu and Valli now changed their minds and asked if they could have some.While they sat to eat Maggie noodles, Vijji had a beam on her face like she had invented noodles. Both Vichu and Vali loved Maggie . Vijji was happy she bought home Maggie noodles home.

Jul 31, 2007



Pilates has been one of my favourite ways of exercising. Few years back i was able to do this 10 min video with ease. Of course at that time I was in a better shape.Now that i have started exercising i have started pilates again. Trust me this work out is crazy. I finish 5 mins of it and am crying out loud for help. Am definitely improving, but not yet there.For all those who want to get slim, fit or just want to know what pilates is all about,check this out.

Jul 26, 2007

Oprah is helping me lose weight!!!

Yes, in a way. Ever since i moved to US ,I haven't bought a T.V.Living abroad for almost 7 years and stuck to Oprah Winfrey's show. Am almost addicted. My only way to watch her is at the gym. Yes!! while i watch Oprah Winfrey's show I run on my treadmill(30 minutes) Do elliptical (30 minutes) The show is done in an hours time ...I then move on to stretch and do some abdominal. I have been at it for almost a month. I weighed myself and yes Am 7 pounds lighter. So thanks Oprah, you made me lose weight:)

Jul 16, 2007

Fiction fragment: Pooja's First Date

Newly wed Pooja waits for her husband to be back from work. Subbu,promised to take her to a place that sold the best biryani ever. Pooja was excited as it was her first time out to a restaurant with Subbu after her wedding. She wanted to look her gorgeous self. She applied her favourite Mac eyeshadow and lipstick which she purchased while she lived abroad. She wore a sleeveless white kurta on her skinny Levis jeans. She wanted to show off her red bag and her red Italian shoes. She then waited patiently in the balcony looking at the road below for a black bike to approach her apartment.

Pooja was restless, excited and nervous . She looked at herself many times in the mirror adjusting her curly locks. She remembered quickly that she forgot to wear her favorite perfume from La Occitane. She looked through her closet and sprayed a bit on her clothes and a little on her hair . She knew Subbu would like the smell.

The door bell rang, Pooja opened the door only to find the laundry woman return her clothes. She picks all her clothes and pays her the amount due. The laundry woman says "why aren't you wearing jasmine flowers, don't leave your hair open it isn't good sign". Pooja frowns and looks at her with a 'mind your business' face expression. She runs to the bedroom looks at the mirror, adjusting her eye shadow and make up again.

Subbu arrives with hair all ruffled, smelling of petrol and face painted with dirt from the pollution. Pooja asks him to freshen up. Pooja is anxious to know where he was taking her. She starts to think of all the restaurants he had shown her the previous week. She wondered where the restaurant was as they lived in the outskirts of the city.She calms herself and gets all excited about going to a jazzy restaurant.

Subbu said he was so hungry and couldn't wait to go to this restaurant. He looked at Pooja and said she looked Hot !! They sit on their favourite bike and Subbu drives for almost 45 mins. Pooja's thoughts take her to all 5 star restaurants she knew in the city. He stops his bike and Pooja looks around and she sees no restaurant, Subbu says"let me get some cash from ATM'. Pooja is now restless, Subbu parks his bike and runs into a road side cafeteria. He smiles and tells her you get best biryani here!!.

The food arrives and Pooja and Subbu sit on a rock watching the sea. She smiles at Subbu and tells him the Biryani was indeed the best one she ever had.

5 things in my to do list this summer

1. learn to swim
2. learn to drive
3. Sky dive
4. get back to dancing
5. get back to painting
6. Finish the long list of books i have piled up to read.
If you have finished laughing, yes I want to do all this , this summer. I want to write this on my post to remind me of things i want to do . This is one way to be at it. By the end of summer please ask me how much i have accomplished:-)

'Watch H1b hires' FBI tells American Firms!!


Jul 15, 2007

An ode to my fear
that rests in my mind
lest i utter and deluge my life

An ode to my thought
thats taravels every direction
lest i utter and cause havoc

An ode to your support
A power that lets me stay positive
lest i lose and i am erased

An ode to your love
I see through the storm
a bright sunny day
which was clouded
by my fear and my thoughts.

Jul 14, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I lay on the grass
A sunday afternoon
Basking the sun
While the kids play in the park
The mothers chatter

Music of the squirrels
colours of the butterfly
treat my soul
As i kiss the winds
that sweep my hair

Lazing on the grass
I yen for another sunday afternoon
as the winds breeze harder
and the rain washes me away

Jul 12, 2007


As we approaced 'ohri' as a pair,
language of silence filled the air
Across the table we sat,
Looking at the water fall ahead.

Intention to break the ice
Brought my glance to your gaze.
My heart skipped a beat
when your words,
brought my ears a treat.

Joys of my mind tickled to lips
when i said yes
for a journey
that together we began to cherish.

Fond memories of our rendezvous
flashes in front of me
As we sit across the table
sipping our tea

Global warming!!

Check this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/mid/6288012.stm

Allergic Reaction

Yesterday N came back from office looking all red and swollen. He had mentioned over the phone to me few hrs back that he has some kind of allergy. I guessed it was something he ate from the office Canteen. I asked him if he was breathing fine and if there was any problems swallowing. He said everything was fine except the sudden appearance of rashes and itching. I asked him to take an antihistamine tablet .

After he got back home , poor N was unable to move as any movement caused this unstoppable urge to itch. I acted cool like he looked OK. But seriously i haven't seen his face getting swollen so bad. i was feeling sorry for him. But i am glad he didn't have any symptoms of anaphylactic shock.

I dont want to describe what it is, just a brief overview. This happens when a person ingests/injects/inhales or skin contact of any allergen. All i would say is the best thing to do is have an antihistamine tablet, if the symptoms get worse then call the paramedics immediately, as its life threatening. For more information please read here.

N is at home today and his itching gone down drastically ....i do recognise my husband now finally. Thank god!! He is still drowsy with the antihistamine dose and is sleeping like a baby:)

Jul 11, 2007

Chennai in Connecticut!!!

When the temp is like 33degrees centigrade with 87% humidity you know summer is here.
You know summer is here when u shower twice and you look like you have had a work out.
You know summer is definately here when your curly hair stands up to say 'hello ' to every one.
Definately summer has brought back my memories of Chennai in Connecticut.

Thank God Iam here and i can wear what i feel without strangers giving me advices about how i need to dress in summer.

p.s: I was lectured by a lady in the bus stop in Chennai when i wore capris and a full sleeve shirt on a sunny summer day.oH ya !! She said i shouldnt wear something like this without a dhupatta( scarf)!!! The temp was just 40 degrees .
Did i feel bad?
Yes for taking the bus and just getting roasted with the temp and the lady not giving up through out the journey!!.

Jul 6, 2007

I have been tied up with lots of things and hence the hiatus. See you all soon with more posts !!!

Jun 14, 2007

Indian Idol(3)

I didnt know that there was something called indian idol that existed untill my friend mentioned it to me. My friend from UK called me one day to tell how excited she was as her sister was one of the contestants for indian idol. She wasnt sucessful, but ofcourse it got me hook to it.
My Favourites so far have been 1. Meiyeng chang, 2. Emon chatterjie 3. charu 4.joly das
I will paste the link here for u to watch and enjoy!!


Jun 11, 2007

I Heart New York

Another day trip to New York and another set of beautiful memories. Yesterday N and myself with 3 other friends left to NYC.We planned to do a lot of things , but we couldn't stop ourselves just walking around the streets of Manhattan. The tall buildings that no matter how much we tried to look up still couldn't see the top floor, as the sun was just right on top of our heads.
Ground zero, where once the WTC stood tall. Just being there and seeing that place just bought tears in our eyes. What would have been the fate of all those people on that day? I kept thinking to myself.

We clicked few pictures and moved on from ground zero to the other streets...watching lots of travelers from various parts of the world walking down the street . Its a wonderful exercise to just sit and watch different people walking and talking. While others were busy clicking pictures, to me watching them people walk, talk and listening to the ringing bells from different churches was just plain wonderful. We headed to wall street and New york stock exchange. Saw the trump building. Although public veiwing of the NYSE is prohibitted after terrorist attacks in year 2001, the architectural beauty of the building was worth enjoying.
We then decided to go see the Statue of liberty. Headed towards battery park, bought tickets and stood in the long line to get on to the boat that would take us to the island.The ticket costed us $11.50 per adult for a round trip. There is also a monumnet pass which we could have got free of cost if we arrived at the ticket counter by morning 9am. This monument pass gives you access into the statue of liberty. Because we were late ...we couldnt actually get to see this.

While we stood in the line waiting to get the security check we saw a man singing with his guitar. His hair colored just like his t shirt in rainbow colors , singing about different people. He said something really funny... he asked a english man if he had any problems if the royal family had a black person amongst them. the english man said "no" ofcourse. The singer said then iam coming to england next summer:) he definately was talented, he attracted everyones attention and in turn did earn a lot of money too. He attracted the chinese visitors by singing a song in chinese language, the Australians by singing about their land, he got 2 english kids look at a canadian girl while he sang a love song. It was all done in good spirit, nobody was offended. He went on asking others what they thought of being married to a black woman and many ofcourse said they wouldnt mind. He didnt stop, he said 'my sister is looking can i hook u up'. LOL!! It was just way too funny.
We then went through the security check and sat on this huge boat.
The boat took us to the Island where Statue of liberty stood tall. Apparently she was made all in copper and because of oxidation(chemical change due to oxygen present in air) It turns out to be green in colour. The statue of liberty was given to the americans by the french as a symbol of friendship. It was all put together on July 1886. Apparently 300 pieces of copper packed in 214 crates was transported to america by the french in a ship called 'Isere'. This ship was allmost about to sink, but reached safely as she stands up tall symbolizing freedom and democracy.

We roamed the island for good 2 hrs. Got something to eat there. Trust me if you ever go to the island , get your own food as the food there is1. unhealthy(french fries and everything else fried)2. aweful and 3. expensive. We bought grilled chicken sandwich ...thinking that we are going to be a bit health conscious, trust me the chicken was burnt , i felt i was eating half charcoal and some dry stuff called chicken . Not good, i didnt waste anything ..i fed them to the pigeons. No wonder the pigeons were so big and fat!!!

We then rushed to get to the ferry that was to arrive in any time. Not only did we get the last ferry back but we also got a real cool spot from where the pictures come out amazing.After the wonderful journey back to battery park , N and myself got a portrait sketched from a chinese man. He did a good job!!Not only did the sketch resembled us but we also looked 15 years younger. We were both happy.What if we didn't meet as teenagers , we now have a picture that shows how we would have looked as teenagers.

Brooklyn bridge was our next stop. We parked our vehicle and started walking,and ofcourse the little shops,the coffee shops, restaurants caught our attention and we quite got lost in them . The next thing we know is brooklyn bridge was a mile and half away.We walked back to our car and headed to lexignton ave to eat our famous curry. After much contemplation as to which restaurant we want to pick...we decided to go into masala bollywood. The restaurant had a good feel to it. There were bollywood star pictures everywhere,including the rest rooms!!.
The food though i must say was not upto the mark except for mango lassi which my friends said tasted good.
It was way past 10pm and as we left NYC we saw the mad rush at times square. We said good bye to big apple with hope in our hearts that we are going to be back soon.
Phew what a day!!

Jun 8, 2007


I dream of you
lips as pink as rose
eyes as beautiful as a deer.
Face thats round as a moon
skin like petals to touch

I dream of you
your smile a rainbow in my planet
Your laugh rain to my desert

like a stream gushing to
quench a gardens thirst
your hug brings all peace and
meaning to my lifes worth

i dream of you
Playing in my backyard
running and causing havoc
Eating all that you reach
and sleeping anywhere you can

I dream of your soft words
That has no meaning
but i await to hear
you babble
like a poem i will cherish
every word i will treasure

I dream of you
every day, every night.




A person who is a master of making ravioli

Really..i should learn to make one now;-)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

May 24, 2007

Story of my state id...

In the US you always need to carry some form of ID.The state ID has your date of birth and basically shows that you are a legal resident of America. I was in the office 4 times already and every time i was short of some document or the other. Today i was asked to bring a letter stating that i was on a dependent visa hence i would not be issued a ssn . If you live in US, it is very important to have a social security number(ssn) . As a dependent you don't get a ssn number. This is what i was told when i went to their office in dec2006. It was understood that without ssn you cant have a credit card, Bank account and u cannot work.
I ran to the ssn office waited there for a good 1 hour. The officer said 'who says you cant get a ssn ?' I reply 'sir, my friend was here yesterday she didn't get one'. lam afraid the laws have changed, and you get one !! In my head i am going ...did the law change overnight?? The officer tells me well i am not sure why the computer denied your friend but it lets me give you a ssn ". I think how can a computer decide...oh well I must be the lucky one. The letter states that the ssn will arrive by mail in 2 weeks and i would not be able to use it for work. Oh well, at least i can open my own bank account and have my own credit card:).
I now head to the DMV office to get my state id. I stand in the line for about 45 mins all happy , finally i have all the paperwork. The lady in the counter reads my letter and says" you have to wait till you get your ssn number dear". Iam like you are kidding me!! She says i cant register your name on my computer without your ssn. Come back with your ssn and i will issue a state ID. I beg literally ...because of my trip in two days and i didnt want to carry my passport . But yes, i was made to go back . So the story of my state id goes on....to continue. I wonder what the computer will decide by the time iam in the office the next visit!!

May 23, 2007

Mushroom Recipie:)

I made this a few days ago and it turned out pretty yummy.....
try and let me know how you like it

Take big mushrooms(10-12)
wash and cut them in slices.
Then in a pan add olive oil, put some cumin seeds, green chillies slit(1-2 acc to your taste)
Grate one big onion in this pan.
Fry it till it turns translucent.
Add ginger and garlic crushed about 1 tea spoon.
Fry the mixture till gets gloden brown.
Now add 1 tea spoon kasuri methi, 1/2 teaspoon tumeric powder.
Mix and add 2-3 grated tomatoes.
Add salt and 1/2 tea spoon sugar.
Fry the ingridients till tomatoes get cooked well.
Now add sliced Mushrooms and simmer the flame .
Once mushrooms get cooked add 1/2 cup milk.
You can add more or less milk to make more or less gravy. Taste and see if the salt is according to your taste. Add chopped coriander and serve.

This is a good side dish with Roti/paratha/Naan Bread
Test failed ...after i tried to assemble the futon I bought from IKEA... lol
I had no patience trying to hit endless screws only to find that something else was either loose or just not right. Till now every thing i have bought from IKEA was perfect ...but this experience was something else....But task accomplished i got both my dinning table and my futon ready....ofcourse i yelled and screamed at my futon several times for testing my patience...lol

May 22, 2007


LikeThe sky turns blue to purple
like the weather from spring to fall
like plants grow to trees tall.
Change is the only thing constant.

From a child to woman i grow
My acquaintance and frineds i adore
Some stay same some try to differ.

Change is the only thing constant

Emotions changes

sometimes low and sometimes high

passions changes

love to lust

what remains constant

is change


I have been thinking to change ...for quite sometime.Changing is so difficult.
So heres my test.....
I am not going to let anything/anyone annoy me.
Anything that irritates me or pushes my buttons ...i am going to laugh out loudly and smile away.It may annoy people around me but I want to see how this is going to change me.
Do i stay positive or will i succumb to screaming and shouting and getting upset.
I will write my experiences in my next blog....

May 18, 2007

Friday's feast

Friday's Feast is a meme of five questions cooked up by the chef each and every week.
Heres mine... Enjoy!!!
List 3 emotions you experienced this week.
Happiness[ I found out that i might be able to work in this country if i did find some not for profit organizations]
Confusion[ Planning our Maine trip has put me into this roller coaster ride of where to go, what to do and where to stay. Same questions and different answers each time]
Fear [of becoming this girl who is stuck in the kitchen all her life...with only one question on her head...what do i cook for the next meal?]

Name a car you’d love to have.
Lexus SUV

Describe your typical morning routine.
I get up to my husbands bathroom singing...lol.. make my coffee, turn on the computer. Get my husbands lunch ready, Say bye to him.
Eat my cereal , listen to my music... take a shower and read the news paper.
Note : its not this order most time i may skip somethings sometimes.

Main Course
Hled anyone Famave you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply?
Hmm...never emailed anyone ...maybe i should do that....

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?
Nope , I don't ...i used to when i was in UK...about East enders. I miss the music though.

May 15, 2007

Tulip Festival

How would you like to be sitting amongst tulips on a nice sunny Day? Thats exactly what i did on Sunday . Off to tulip garden festival in Washington park Albany. It wasn't anything like tulips in Amsterdam ....but this view was very pleasing and refreshing. Colors from white, red, shades of pink, purple violet, mauve yellow and what not.
I may not be lucky like Aishwariya Rai to have a tulip named after me in Amsterdam ...but i am lucky to have just spent the whole day admiring them . Take a look and enjoy the pictures.

May 10, 2007


Are you crying up above
when i see u clouds gather
Are you crying , when you pour
Are you moaning for the fight down below?

Are you mad when you thunder
You ask why innocent people die
is this place safe to abide
Death follows not by turn but by deed u say
You pour you shower you stop us from all bad deed we endevour
What you see man doesnt see
You teach us lessons in the way you live

May 7, 2007

How Rare Is Your Personality

Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISFP)

Your personality type is caring, peaceful, artistic, and calm.

Only about 7% of all people have your personality, including 8% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, and Perceiving.

May 6, 2007

Black Book

I went to see this movie on Friday.
I don't do film reviews, But this movie really touched me. So here goes the story...This movie is set in Holland in the year 1944. The time of II world war and when the Jews were captured and sent to death camps of the Nazis. Its a story of Rachel Stein a rich Jew who tries to escape from the occupied land to the liberated land and loses her family in the due course. She then changes her name from Rachel stein to Ellis DeVries and colors her hair blond to join the resistance team to avenge the death of her family. In this process she falls in love with a Nazi officer and falls into a spiderweb of events that lead the dutch to believe that she is a traitor. She then finds a black book with one of the members of resistance, which leads to the real culprit.

A emotional , and very touching movie ...It does take you back to the time during II world war, showing closely how the Jews struggle for existence.
Filed with suspense& high intense drama, it is a must watch movie.I highly recommend it:)

Bright and sunny outside today!!

Went out for a stroll,
this is how it looks outside my apartment:-)

May 1, 2007

Back From phoenix!!!

I am back and with a great sun tan:-). Wohooo...what a trip!!! I arrived on monday last at about 10 pm at phoenix airport. Drove to my cousins place. He lives in one of the nicest places in phoenix. Lots of palm trees.

Apart from chilling out, catching up with all my other family members did a lot of outdoor activities.
Climbed the camel back mountain .. 1.1 miles up and return. Quite steep and i almost thought would never be able to make it. But i did and so did my uncle who was 64.It was the best thing i did after being sedentary at home for the last 6mns. After 3 hrs of hike... the last thing i did was to move my body any further.

The next day a few of other family members joined us and we all(12 ) headed to Grand Canyon. It was the most lovely trip we ever had ...on our drive to it we saw the landscape change from dry land filled with cactus to pine trees and snow capped mountains.
Grand Canyon was formed some million years ago when snow melted and gushed through plains sculpting them the way it has done now.
There are 8 points to view Grand Canyon from

To see Grand Canyon was amazing...

There was a bus which took us from one point to another. It was hot(96degrees f) but the trip was worth while.
The next day took a trip to Sedona. Hiked the Cathedral rock and did all the tourist views in Sedona.

One of the most spectacular views that i have seen . The trip from flagstff arizona to cathedral rock sedona was just amazing.
The cathedral rock in Sedona is a steep hike about 1.1 miles up and back. Most places are dry hot and some shady with a small stream running by. The rock looks almost like lord ganesha . What is fantastic is in the beggigng of the trail you see cactus bloom and in between the trail gets all this shade from trees and cool breeze and fresh air from the water gushing in the stream.
It is'nt tiring as the trail runs from one amazing view point to another.I will post some pictures for you to see and enjoy:)
The last day went Kayaking in Canyon lake. 8 of us in a kayak and 2 in canoe. It was tiring but good work out and lots of scenic beauty to view. Saw couple of Blue herons, few swans and ducks swimming across the lake.

With all this beautiful, wonderful memories i head back to good old Connecticut on Monday night:(

Apr 30, 2007

Road Trip

On a road trip i leave
To see a scene hard to believe
Thorns turn to pines
Rocks to snow capped mountains
From dry desert i travel
To a luscious green garden i ravel

I climb the camel back mountain
With a lot of perseverance and dedication
Like difficulties and sorrows
I walk one rock to another
All my fears come true
in the end i see it through.

As i stand on top the mountain
I see huge rocks turn small and little
teaching me a lesson of importance
time changes hurdles, minute and minuscule.

My eyes saw what i never reckon
spectacular change of a plain
to a canyon that i cant explain
first flush of the morning turns it blue, pink and scarlet
Twilight transforms blue to purple and to violet

cactus blooms red flowers
on top of cathedral rock towers
a white dove we see
peace and prosperity it foresees
The dry sand meets a stream
cascading through rocks
Turning every golden grass green

The gushing sound of stream i hear
smile it brings after a hard days hike i share
smell of cold water and fresh air
brings life to my nail and hair
Tall green trees protect
from the scorching sun that i detest.

pine trees to cactus blooms
from spring water to canyon lake
condors free fall or howling coyotes
humming birds to bumble bees
My journey starts, never to end
I have more to explore for i believe
heaven in here and its for us to preserve.

Apr 23, 2007

Off TO Phoenix!!!

I am going away to phoneix for family reunion.. will be back next tuesday with more posts. Till then enjoy reading my other posts;-)

Apr 20, 2007


This poem is for you mummy

Mother, there is so much about you
That i would like to tell you.
I am waiting for words to pour,
Like the clouds ready to shower

My mind is restless
Thinking of our various tales.
I am stunned by your beauty,
something i would have wanted hereditary

Your eyes gleam,
filled with color green
sparkles and shines
like rays passing a prism.

How can i describe
your gaze and glances
but for a peacock
in the rain that dances.

I knew eyes could see
But they smile learned through thee.
Surprise, sadness and joy
are emotions your eyes ploy

Your presence is so serene
your thoughts so clean
You never mean a harm
and maintain your charm.

Nothing matters to you
More than me and you
With me you are ready to share
every minute and second near

Your lessons of courage
were different and strange.
when i was shattered and torn
You held me by my arm.
when your support i crave
you taught me to be brave

You laugh when i do
You cry when i do
You Listen to me
advise and help me

Today i moved away
But in touch we stay
Your voice i remember
SO loving and so tender.

Often I do wonder
will i be able to gather
your qualities as a mother ?

Apr 19, 2007

What type of writer should you be?

You Should Be A Poet

You craft words well, in creative and unexpected ways.
And you have a great talent for evoking beautiful imagery...
Or describing the most intense heartbreak ever.
You're already naturally a poet, even if you've never written a poem.

Apr 16, 2007

My Tarot Card

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

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This is an interesting post ...i checked this out from lotus reads.... Why dont you try and see what tarot card are you?

Lalitha Nivas!!!

As a girl of thirteen,
On the terrace i often sat to think,
While i watched the sky painted Red and pink.
Fond memories of my childhood takes me
to a house called Lalitha Nivas
I often miss!!!

A big mansion in the burghal
which was simple rustic and pastoral
picturesque garden filled flowers
that my mind vividly remembers.
Two families spoke language of similar kind.
Lived with friendship in mind.

Celebrations and mourning happened here
family far and near got together.
I learned to sing and dance
My passions not by chance.
A house called Lalitha Nivas
I often miss!!

Across my home the trains passed by
I stood in the balcony waving passengers bye bye
flying kites,playing with cousins
or sound of trains
remains in my mind to cherish
that with no time or tide will perish

The birth of my little brother
named by us cousins together.
Lessons from the music master
caused ME much grief and disaster!!
Ranji and Jambi the sisters name
paati and maami confused for the same.
Fond memories of my childhood takes me
to a house called Lalitha Nivas
i often miss!!!

Gossips of women sat on patio chairs,
Waiting for the milk man to bring cows in pairs,
Fresh milk from the cow,
Or mangoes from trees above
Life then is all i yen!!

Like a thunder bolt it strikes
No more the mansion or the life alike
Separate ways of life as we take
I pen my thoughts for a poem to make
On the terrace I sit to think
As i watch the sky turn red and pink.
Fond memories of my childhood takes me
to a house named lalitha nivas
i often miss!!

Apr 12, 2007

Spring is here!!!

As i pull my window curtain
it dawns on me for certain
Spring is here!!

Morning as bright as ever
Sky very blue and clear
birds have started chirping
flowers have started blooming
spring is here!!

No more cold breeze
No more winter that make you freeze
Like the waves in the sea
my spirit feels free
Spring is here!!!

The sweetness in the air
makes me sing&dance with no fear
my happiness has no boundries
as i see orange yellow birds on trees
spring is here!!

Like a dancing fish in the sea
blooming flowers I cant wait to see
whether they are pink or blue
i know not for true.
spring is here!!

Seeing golden grass turns green
is the most wonderful scene
I know not if its my favorite dream
but i sing, dance and screem
Spring is here!!

Apr 6, 2007

This one i dedicate for N...

I went searching for someone like you
mountains,sea and lands all new
Strangers i met
with a hope to get
a friendship pure
yet so true
All through this fear,
you were so far yet so near!!

When life stood still
and relations meant nil
You held my arm
showed me your charm
your kindness so pure
your friendship so dear.

Destined time
made you mine
In my journey with you
I see colors all new!!
I dream to be with you
every path we take new!!!

Apr 3, 2007

Mood :Hopeful positive!!!

Beautiful yet cold seems the moon light
Bright yet piercing seems the sunlight
Cold winter breeze we fear
Hot summer unable to bare
Top of the world
or down bottom untold
Life is such

When I look with eyes filled with colors
I see
warmth in moonlight
joy in sunlight!!
Beautiful cotton snow to follow
Cold winter
Pouring rain to follow
hot summer
Snow capped Mountains
Or tulips filled gardens
Is for My eyes to taste
when i learn patiently to wait.
Life is such!!!

Testing time will pass
and like seasons change
Time will change
Life is such!!

This picture is of my friend Dee in Alberta ..this picture makes me feel free independent and liberated.Dont you love it?

Mood: Confused !!!

Far away from home,
To make another home,
strangers get together,
ideas and views
put together!!
In an attempt
to do something content,
they burn the midnite oil
live with anxiety and turmoil.
Days pass, nights pass
Seasons change from winter to spring
but only confusion,stress and anxiety
is all that they bring!!!
Miss dear and near
but allways wonder
Is it all worth to
make a home
far away from home!!!

Mar 30, 2007

Random Thoughts!!!

Up and down,
still like water,
pours like rain,
Dark and dusky sky
or bright sun!!

Laughter and Joy
Turmoil and peace
Celebrations and Mourning
Death and Life!!!

Materialistic or emotional
social or secluded
career or Family
Additions or substractions
Why me why you?? luck, faith, hope & destiny
Time will tell....

Mar 22, 2007

Chennai Times

After my wedding , I started catching up on my movies that i missed last 6yrs away from home . I fell in love with this actor called Surya!! Light eyed, dark skin , sharp features good acting capabilities. who cares!!! i was in love with him.
In the 3 months i lived in Chennai after my wedding I watched every single movie he acted. This is one of my favorite songs !!! It reminds me my days in Chennai....
I cannot sing like Shreya Goshal but i just wish i could, only for this one song:)
You too listen and enjoy:)) and tell me what you think of this song.
munbe va

Mar 21, 2007

This is cool!!!

I saw this in one of the blogspots i was reading really cool. Check it out:)

Mar 11, 2007

Childhood memories

Time and again i think of my house where all us 5 grew up. My brother, sister two of my cousins and me . Those days will never come back. They remain as fond memories locked in my mind forever. Here are few
1.Summer holidays eating mangoes...slurp slurp..:)
2. Reading amarchitra kathas
3. Eating chat patet!!
4. Cleaning our big old house the mission imposible.
5. Watching our milk man bring his buffaloes in our garden.
6. Ceaser and the coconut tree both were my age.
7. Climbing our terrace and unable to get down ..as there were no stairs to the terrace ...we had to practically climb the wall and the poles.
8. Flying kites
9. Cannot forget how all of us named my lil brother after reading the story karthikeya. My parents decided to cut short and named him kartik:)
10. Stealing mangoes from our mango tree without our parents knowledge ...all 5 of us felt like we won a gold medal. The feeling was great!!
11. Eating molga bajji in our balcony while it would be raining cats and dogs.
12. Practising music in my bathroom before my music class...i disliked my music teacher.
13. Hated when he said i sang well. I wanted to quit so badly ...only becoz my uncles and cousins teased me and called me Saanii ( cow dung) while i sang verses where i had to say Sa Ni Sa Ni....
There is so much more to write...but thats for another blog.
Somethings are priceless like my childhood memories for everything else you have a master card:))
Tell me about your childhood memories:)

Mar 5, 2007


Uncertainity kills . How does one deal with restless mind? Being positive all the time is hard. How do you make them understand that this uncertainity wont last long. Things will fall in place and to be positive is the only way out.
One thing at a time , hope, faith and trust are all the goodies that will direct ones mind to be focussed. Its not too far away before you reach your goal. Aim higher and reach the stars!!!
Uncertainity will not last long.....:-)

Mar 4, 2007

Somethings about me:)

1.I am a hardcore romantic person. I get carried away by romantic gestures. Holding my hand in public or buying me flowers, jewellery, candlelight dinner, long drives, and lots of hugs are somethings i love.

2. I married a man i was in love with when i was 10 yrs old:)how filmi filmi!!!.

3. My best friend leena is someone i have known since i was 3 yrs old. I cant imagine my life without her:) She is truly someone i really enjoy being with.

4. I cannot live without music and love to dance ...I once went out dancing with friends and we danced for 6 hrs. I am a trained bharatnatyam dancer. My mother is a kathak dancer. Hence i would want to learn that form of dance sometime. I learnt to sing when i was 11 yrs old but i was never keen although my music master allways said i did a good job singing. I was put off by it i think bcoz of my music master...he just used to irritate me to the core:)

5 . I used to paint as a teenager...now tahts something i need to look into . Not sure if my artistic skills still exisit.

6. Masala dosai and rasmalai are two things i love to eat.

7.I have a very different thumb....which is heriditary from my father.

If you are reading this you are tagged to write few things about you...i would love to read :)

Feb 21, 2007

Pot Pourii of Thoughts

1. why the hell am i supposed to do exams??This is bad karma haunting me . I never wanted to write this exam and hence avoided US altogether...Iam back here!! I have to do this...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
2. I want to try do something else other than being a physical therapist. Something that compliments my personality....acting...nah i do that every day!!! Journalism...am i cut out for that...nah ..... Public relations , advertising or radio jockey...oh well for now its the DAMN EXAM !!!
3.I want to laze arround read a book, ...have hot choclate with cream and choclate dusting on top ...yummy!!! and eat a low fat choclate brownie...i have to watch my calories....lol marriage has made me 15 pounds healthier!!!
4. I want to catch up with all bollywood movies...i miss maya jaal
5. Iam going to make bhelpuri tommorrow .......

4 more weeks and i will be done with this EXAM!!!

Feb 20, 2007

Chicken Biryani:)

Yesterday , I had friends coming over and i had to cook. The only dish that i could think of was Chicken Biryani. I love the hydrabadi one....but my husband likes the chennai style....Oh well we love biryani and Chicken Biryani was on the list!!!

Thanks to my husband i have a laptop now. I could get the recipie from one of my fav cousins!!!
The Biryani turned out amazing:)) As i was cooking my husband couldnt stop telling me how good it smelled.

He couldnt resist and while i was waiting for it to be cooked he quickly opened the pan and grabed a little. He had food in his mouth and all he did was show me his thumb. I was happy !!! It brought a big smile on my face ...It was worth all my efforts!!!

Chicken Biryani for 6 ppl
Part I
3 onions.chopped into tiny pieces
6 green chillies. chopped
6 garlic pieces...crushed
1-2 bay leaves
few cinamon sticks
few cardamoms
few stalks of mint...according to ur taste!!

Part II
For marination
Biryani masala powder,
lil tumeric,
1 tea spoon ginger garlic paste,
2 tea spoons yoghurt.
Mix all this with 3 pounds of chicken washed and cut.
Marinate for 30 mins

Part III
Take 3 cups of basmathi rice soak for 30 mins as well


In a big Pan fry onions till it gets golden brown in colour.
Take few out from the pan and save it for the end.
Mix all the ingridients in part I and fry them.
Add marinated chicken and fry till golden brown, while frying add 2 tsp yoghurt.
Add 41/2 cups of water( rice :water ratio is 1:11/2).
Let the chicken boil in medium heat for 15-20 mins.
Add basmathi rice to this and cook in low flame for 30 mins till rice is done.
Note : close the pan while cooking rice and if you are using a cooker do not put the whistle on.

Check if the rice is cooked in 30 mins ..add the remaining fried onions.
Mix well and enjoy!!!

You can eat this with yoghurt or Raitha:)
I made green apple raitha and one of my friends wanted the left overs too :))

Feb 8, 2007


Life is changing so quickly. Gone are those days where i would party till early mornings, eat junk ..fish and chips ...soho road parathas!! I feel everything including how i look and feel have changed. I am changin... i think of life differently , my priorities have changed , love, work, family all have different meaning in my life now.
I have a companion , someone i love ....he is different and i learn a lot from him.
change is important they say ..... Will be able to cope with so much change? I wonder...time will tell.