Apr 22, 2011

My little teacher

The art of balancing work and home and parenthood is as difficult as one makes it to be. Iam not saying its easy. All iam saying is its enjoyable. It is definately energy and time consuming but its not bad if you have fun with it. When lil S was born i was so paranoid about how i was going to work , cook clean and take care of an infant. Ofcourse my husband was going to pitch in...but how was a big question in my mind. Now i know that what got to be done has to be done and it will fall in its place after a lil chaos or lots of chaos in my case. Today after lil s is almost 3 i sometimes think of having another baby.
A good friend asked me "really? really ?"
I said yes for real . She said "do you want all that chaos and sleepless nights and stress and all that!".
i said no i dont wish all that but now i know what most couples without kids dont know...that its all WORTH every minute . Because Children bring you the joy happiness, teach you the most important lessons in life that no school or prestigious college can teach you. Motherhood is great is an understatement.I value the smallest things in life.

I have always loved nature but i truly appreciate
Its beauty even more now . You ask how? My son gets excited
When he sees a pink tree or a red tree.. Its spring and trees are full of flowers and they are the same trees which i used to catch a glimpse and say wow, when i walked by. But now ots OMG its beautiful. Lil S tought me to enjoy 5 mins in the morning watering my plants calling out to birds and feeding them. Its for him i bought back all my interest to nurture a garden in my balcony.
I do crafts with him ... We paint, draw.. Go to parks in all odd hrs just to enjoy sunshine while we have.

I take long walks with him and my husband ..FYI: Both of us gave up on walking thanks to our busy careers. I appreciate our family time and thank god more often to this wonderful child who teaches us to live life every min-NO every second:-)

Apr 20, 2011

Apr 14, 2011

With A Little Help From my Friends- The Beatles with lyrics

This post is for my friends who have helped me in every walk of my life.
Love you guys and this day i am dedicating this song to you all. Especially today when iam going through the toughest part of rewinding a past that i would like to delete forever. Thank you for helping me face something i blocked all these years:)