Jul 31, 2007



Pilates has been one of my favourite ways of exercising. Few years back i was able to do this 10 min video with ease. Of course at that time I was in a better shape.Now that i have started exercising i have started pilates again. Trust me this work out is crazy. I finish 5 mins of it and am crying out loud for help. Am definitely improving, but not yet there.For all those who want to get slim, fit or just want to know what pilates is all about,check this out.


Lotus Reads said...

I am a fan of Yoga, but my daughter enjoys Pilates. I will have to show her the video.

Radha said...

Must try this out!

mookuthi said...

lotus: let me know what your daughter thinks of this.
radha:good luck , iam only able to do 7mins ..hope to get there soon. let me know what you think:)