May 6, 2007

Black Book

I went to see this movie on Friday.
I don't do film reviews, But this movie really touched me. So here goes the story...This movie is set in Holland in the year 1944. The time of II world war and when the Jews were captured and sent to death camps of the Nazis. Its a story of Rachel Stein a rich Jew who tries to escape from the occupied land to the liberated land and loses her family in the due course. She then changes her name from Rachel stein to Ellis DeVries and colors her hair blond to join the resistance team to avenge the death of her family. In this process she falls in love with a Nazi officer and falls into a spiderweb of events that lead the dutch to believe that she is a traitor. She then finds a black book with one of the members of resistance, which leads to the real culprit.

A emotional , and very touching movie ...It does take you back to the time during II world war, showing closely how the Jews struggle for existence.
Filed with suspense& high intense drama, it is a must watch movie.I highly recommend it:)

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