Jul 16, 2007

5 things in my to do list this summer

1. learn to swim
2. learn to drive
3. Sky dive
4. get back to dancing
5. get back to painting
6. Finish the long list of books i have piled up to read.
If you have finished laughing, yes I want to do all this , this summer. I want to write this on my post to remind me of things i want to do . This is one way to be at it. By the end of summer please ask me how much i have accomplished:-)


Lotus Reads said...

Love your list, Mookuthi and I wish you all the best in achieving all your summer goals! I love that you dance and paint! Have you got any photos of your paintings?

syl said...

7: learn French!

mookuthi said...

lotus: none here in US so yes should be able to put up some soon.
syl: thats in my winter todo list:)

Sushma said...

so how many items from the list has been checked off?