Oct 5, 2008

Joys Of Motherhood

Children should come with an instruction Manual..... hahhaha this what a friend told me when she was having trouble with her newborn Ria. That line just stuck in my head. Seriously life would have been so much more easier to know why your kid is crying...
Why are you crying? Let me change your diaper, feed you, rock you, try to put you to bed.Do you have to burp? Nothing works you still scream!!! Are you colicy, gassy or plain fussy and decided to give your mom a hard time while your dad snores away to glory?
I must admit ocassionaly dad gets up half asleep and murmurs if i need help and passes out till the alarm rings the next morning!!! Joys of motherhood, will not exchange it for anything...but i take back my words of having 4 kids. I am done people, one is enough for me!!!

Sep 30, 2008

My Blue Eyed Boy!!!

He lays in my arms after the traumatic delivery. Tears roll down from my cheeks from pain of birth and from joy of seeing a new born...Emotions know which direction to take...cry from pain or joy or love. The baby stops crying and looks and his eyes blue and with wonder where he is .He turns to look at his dad, as the dad bends to see his son...he kisses him on his cheek. The proud dad overwhelmed with joy says he has Blue eyes.

Chubby Cheeks
Dimple chin
Rosy lips
Teeth within
Eyes are blue Lovely too
Mommys pet is that you:)
Mom waiting outside the elevator.
Grandmom says. "That was a long walk. Hope the baby wasn't too disturbed.
Mom says: He enjoyed the walk mom...dont worry!!
Three kids waiting for the elevator: Wow such a cute baby...awwwww how old is he?
Mom: 1 month...
Kid1: hey look baby is opening his/her eyes
Mom : boy, his name is Sushen!!
Kid2: He has blue eyes!!!
Kid 3: Is he your kid?
Mom annoyed and says: Yes OFCOURSE
Kid 2 : where did he get the blue eyes from??
Mom says: From my mom his grand mom...
Grand Mom : flutters her eyes...
Kid3: wow... He is the cutest i have seen.

Aug 31, 2008

fresh air!!!

After 12 days,i got out of my home...and what a relief to be out and about. fresh air, green leaves....watching people walk and talk...life is wonderful and iam glad to be able to go out get some fresh air!!!

Aug 30, 2008

My first thought when i saw you....

Tears stopped to my lips and streched to smile,
As i see you calling me and kissing your dad.
Overwhelming emotions flow and stand still as i hold you.
You hold the strings to my emotions,
your laugh my laugh your tears mine...
love has a new meaning ,
It means nothing more now than Sushen !!!

Aug 24, 2008

The little one arrives

My little one decided to see me 25 days early. It was a pleasant surprise:) We both struggled to meet eachother now we cant think of being seperate:)
God's miracle is beautiful and unexplainable.

Aug 13, 2008

To see you is like
Anticipating the waves in the sea
To miss your movements in my belly
Is like sky turning dark after sunset

Aug 12, 2008

Some weird people....

Why do some people act like they love something in front of their partners and actually hate doing it?

Why do some people sarcastically comment on something that they do too?

Why do people think how they think is perfect and can' t accept anyother person with another path of thinking.

I just dont understand these guys.... I just feel like laughing when they say some really stupid things and think others who do things a bit differently are stupids!!!
God save them!!!

Aug 11, 2008

Thought for the day!!!

"You are not what you think you are;but what you think,you are."
Norman Vincent Peale.

This means you will be happy if you think happy thoughts, you will be sad if you have miserable thoughts. from the book "How to stop worrying & start living" by Dale Carnegie, page 341.

A day in roaches clinic!!!

Like anyother time i was covering a clinic for a week. The clinic placed in one of the dirtiest places in NewYork...I didnt expect anything better inside as well. To my shock a clinic that treats patients is expected to have the floors cleaned, all i see huge cockroaches dead. Yuck!!! Me in my middle of pregnancy sensitive to everything smell place etc was unable to deal with the sight. The only thing that went into my head was another 12 hours to go ...god save me!!

The chiropracter also the clinic partner shows me my desk . the desk is filled with cockroach eggs..eiyuuuuuuuuuuu....there goes another flash in my head 12 more hours god save me.I start to think ok...if did concentrate on my work i may forget about all the stuff thats arround me. I start to inspect the machines and then look arround to see that the towels that are used on the patients have not been washed for ages....yuck yuck...god save my patients!!!

I go back to my desk and start cleaning the desk with alcohol wipes. I look arround and find a very interesting book on pediatrics and i pick it up and there goes wooooooooooosh a cockroach flying high....i jump and scream...the cockroach probably had the most entertaining time he did bring his whole family ..the next thing i see there are 6 of them on my desk.

The chiropracter who had just explained how clean his practise was just turn arround and said cocroaches were common in that part of the city!! Right...i think that didnt come with the deal.....i call my employer to tell him i cannot work in this clinic and guess what he doesnt pick up the phone ,surprise surprise.

After my long day of work... i call my employer frantically to tell him how impossible it was for me to have my lunch and dinner in that setting ...and food was important as i was in my 2nd trimester and need to eat so very often. The only thing i hear from him is "signal is weak i cant hear you". Damm...i had to go back to that setting the next day too....I know it was horrible. But this time i bring my own alcohol swipes, gel to clean, and guess what...toilet paper yeah there wasnt toilet paper and i had to use the restroom like zillion times thanks to my pregnancy...the previous day i ran to the nearest store to buy ..but now i came equipped. The only thing i culdnt do was to change the towels that was used on the patients. Another 12 hours went by treating patients and attacking roaches.

Thats it I had it. I left a voice message on my employer's cell and slept in the next day:)

Jul 27, 2008

Vallaikapu or Bangle Cermony

I had my traditional baby shower or vallaikapu on Sunday.
Vallai=round as a bangle
Kapu= protection

The ritual is normally done in the 7 month. The parents of the "mom to be" usually perform this cermony.The "mom to be" wears a black saree probably the only time she is allowed to wear a black saree on an auspicious occasion. The color black is mostly considered to take away all evil eyes laid on the pregnant woman!!!
The woman that come to the ocassion give bangles to the mom to be symbolising that she is protected. Even number of bangles are worn in one hand and odd number in the other. Gold and silver bangles are also given to the "mom to be".

The "mom to be" is adorned with gifts and presents and sent away to her mothers house for the delivery . It is considered that making the mother happy transfers the happiness to the baby as the emotional development is considered to take place arround this time.

To me black is sexy, i loved that i could wear black on some ocassion with no older ladies giving me a stare...hehehe. The highlight of the cermony was the surprise get together in a hotel nearby. The food was awesome and it was definately a great surprise and just made me feel so special. Thanks N you are too sweet. I may not say this many times as i think in my head...but i sure did thank him for making it so big an ocassion and so special. All my family and very close friends were there and i just loved the fact i could spend my time with my family.

Jun 26, 2008

Ten Commandments for new Mothers!!

I saw this in my OBG gynec office . I couldnt stop laughing:) I did change some wordings ...hope you enjoy this as much as i do:)

Ten Commandments for new Mothers

1.Thou shall not cook, clean house, do laundry or entertain.

2.Thou shall be given a doula.

3.Thou shall remain clothes in thy night gown and sit in thy rocking chair as long as thou pleaseth.

4.Thou shall honor thy husband with his share of household chores.

5.Thou shall not have bad advices about over weight or related topics.

6.Thou shalt take long walks in green pastures, eat good food and drink enough water.

7.Thou shal not have strange and unhelpful visitors in thy home.

8.Thou shalt groom thy hair and adorn thy body with attractive robes.

9.Thou shalt not have prophets of bad baby advice in thy company.

10 Thou shalt sleep when the baby sleeps.

Jun 22, 2008

Random aunty talks!!!

Two sentences i hate to hear these days
1. Are you eating well?
2. what did you eat?
Please give me a break people.... i will eat when iam hungry and trust me its nutritious!!!

Jun 18, 2008

Time to blog!!!

Its 9.30 pm and am so sleepy. Pregnancy, work and travel takes most of my life leaving me to do nothing. I want to blog about everything i feel and experience and just don't find time. How sad!! Blogging my fav pass time takes a set back. There are 3 books waiting in my shelf to be read and to be returned to the library.
Life for me is moving fast like a tornado. It was just yesterday it seems that i found out am going to be a mommy...and here am 28 weeks into it.
Let me tell you when i do get engrossed with materialistic things the Lil movements of my baby, makes me realise the miracle taking place in my womb. Its amazing to feel your own baby moving and kicking.Words cant describe what i feel ..it has to be experienced and i thank god for being a woman to understand that!!
Apart from this excitement, we moved to a new apartment with a big balcony. I cant wait to buy a hammock and read some of my books while they wait anxiously in my shelf. The weather is gorgeous these days except for few pours now and then. Even before i forget there was a heat wave last week with the temperature rising to 108f. The worst feeling to be with working with kids in a school with no AC and fan. Yes you heard it right...no AC OR FAN!!!I was shocked that in NYC you could have schools that did not provide AC or fans to the kids . I was stuck in one such school and pregnancy didn't help either. I probably drank about 5litres of water one day ...of course where was i most of the time ...in the bathroom.
Yeah bathroom seems to be my favourite spot these days , i am thinking maybe i should just live there and make it my bedroom:)I guess like burping, farting, constipation,fatigue, exhaustion and bloating, Peeing frequently is an incentive of being pregnant:).I would like to add more but time to sleep and more about my pregnancy in my next.Finally...i am excited to blog back:)

Apr 20, 2008

Thinking of you!!

how are you?
swimming in my womb
dreaming about me?
what do you do ?
I wonder every day and night!!!

Apr 4, 2008

Ah !! Back to my world!

It has been long since i even looked back at my blogworld....my world where i can be what i want write what i feel. Life is amazing it takes such sharp turns you never know what you get arround every corner!! The last time i was on this I was bored being home, watched Tv , excercised, and read books to pass time and still didnt know what to do with my time. Now iam working full time and pregnant!! Yes pregnant...and i dont find time for myself.
I love the working bit and being pregnant...thats another topic altogether.
I love travelling ...but the commute to work is too long AHHHHHHHH.The good part is the scenery is beautiful and i can listen to my fav music.

Did i tell you how beautiful its to be pregnant . Yes its an amazing feeling to know that a part of you is growing inside you. Listening to you, playing arround and eating every bit that you eat

Its amazing ...i tell you ...everything is going well in my life how is it in yours?
Will be back with more posts ...hopefully if i feel like doing anything but sleeping:)