Apr 3, 2007

Mood :Hopeful positive!!!

Beautiful yet cold seems the moon light
Bright yet piercing seems the sunlight
Cold winter breeze we fear
Hot summer unable to bare
Top of the world
or down bottom untold
Life is such

When I look with eyes filled with colors
I see
warmth in moonlight
joy in sunlight!!
Beautiful cotton snow to follow
Cold winter
Pouring rain to follow
hot summer
Snow capped Mountains
Or tulips filled gardens
Is for My eyes to taste
when i learn patiently to wait.
Life is such!!!

Testing time will pass
and like seasons change
Time will change
Life is such!!

This picture is of my friend Dee in Alberta ..this picture makes me feel free independent and liberated.Dont you love it?


chilee said...

lovely picture! and glad to see your moods are changing.

Deeksha said...

seriously !! love dis pix.. would love to be on that swing !!!!