Oct 1, 2010

Garam Chai and Samosa

Remember the days when it rains and the schools closed. The feeling of staying home to mommy and to play arround do nothing was so much fun. As it pours today i remember my childhood days of running on the roads getting wet...getting yelled at by parents. Mom would get us all cleaned up , hair half wet and I allready beginning to sniff. Then came garam chai and samosa... my fav part. How much i enjoyed sitting on our sofa watching the rain pour and smiling at me . I knew rain would come and let me free from routine ,free from crazy school, free from nonsense ramblings from teachers. Rain always smiled at me like it knew what was in my mind. Rain my friend who taught me what freedom was. who made me enjoy a simple day .
Today after so many years i feel the same . As i quit work and stay home looking outside my window rain came back to tell me how wonderful it is to have this freedom. A freedom to do what you want, nothing to tie you down. Its raining cats and dogs and i see Rain smiling at me as i sip my chai !!