Apr 20, 2008

Thinking of you!!

how are you?
swimming in my womb
dreaming about me?
what do you do ?
I wonder every day and night!!!

Apr 4, 2008

Ah !! Back to my world!

It has been long since i even looked back at my blogworld....my world where i can be what i want write what i feel. Life is amazing it takes such sharp turns you never know what you get arround every corner!! The last time i was on this I was bored being home, watched Tv , excercised, and read books to pass time and still didnt know what to do with my time. Now iam working full time and pregnant!! Yes pregnant...and i dont find time for myself.
I love the working bit and being pregnant...thats another topic altogether.
I love travelling ...but the commute to work is too long AHHHHHHHH.The good part is the scenery is beautiful and i can listen to my fav music.

Did i tell you how beautiful its to be pregnant . Yes its an amazing feeling to know that a part of you is growing inside you. Listening to you, playing arround and eating every bit that you eat

Its amazing ...i tell you ...everything is going well in my life how is it in yours?
Will be back with more posts ...hopefully if i feel like doing anything but sleeping:)