Apr 12, 2007

Spring is here!!!

As i pull my window curtain
it dawns on me for certain
Spring is here!!

Morning as bright as ever
Sky very blue and clear
birds have started chirping
flowers have started blooming
spring is here!!

No more cold breeze
No more winter that make you freeze
Like the waves in the sea
my spirit feels free
Spring is here!!!

The sweetness in the air
makes me sing&dance with no fear
my happiness has no boundries
as i see orange yellow birds on trees
spring is here!!

Like a dancing fish in the sea
blooming flowers I cant wait to see
whether they are pink or blue
i know not for true.
spring is here!!

Seeing golden grass turns green
is the most wonderful scene
I know not if its my favorite dream
but i sing, dance and screem
Spring is here!!


Deeksha said...

wow !! and dis is for someone who just two weeks ago said they dont write poetry??? its awsum!! i luv spring too.. nd autumn and rain.. :D

Anna said...

beautiful spring and beautiful raji ... too good :)

N.R. said...

excellent i love spring and am piscean and their trait is aesthetic dreamy thatsit the poem speaks

mookuthi said...

@nr:thanks...iam a piscean too!! keep reading.