Jul 31, 2007



Pilates has been one of my favourite ways of exercising. Few years back i was able to do this 10 min video with ease. Of course at that time I was in a better shape.Now that i have started exercising i have started pilates again. Trust me this work out is crazy. I finish 5 mins of it and am crying out loud for help. Am definitely improving, but not yet there.For all those who want to get slim, fit or just want to know what pilates is all about,check this out.

Jul 26, 2007

Oprah is helping me lose weight!!!

Yes, in a way. Ever since i moved to US ,I haven't bought a T.V.Living abroad for almost 7 years and stuck to Oprah Winfrey's show. Am almost addicted. My only way to watch her is at the gym. Yes!! while i watch Oprah Winfrey's show I run on my treadmill(30 minutes) Do elliptical (30 minutes) The show is done in an hours time ...I then move on to stretch and do some abdominal. I have been at it for almost a month. I weighed myself and yes Am 7 pounds lighter. So thanks Oprah, you made me lose weight:)

Jul 16, 2007

Fiction fragment: Pooja's First Date

Newly wed Pooja waits for her husband to be back from work. Subbu,promised to take her to a place that sold the best biryani ever. Pooja was excited as it was her first time out to a restaurant with Subbu after her wedding. She wanted to look her gorgeous self. She applied her favourite Mac eyeshadow and lipstick which she purchased while she lived abroad. She wore a sleeveless white kurta on her skinny Levis jeans. She wanted to show off her red bag and her red Italian shoes. She then waited patiently in the balcony looking at the road below for a black bike to approach her apartment.

Pooja was restless, excited and nervous . She looked at herself many times in the mirror adjusting her curly locks. She remembered quickly that she forgot to wear her favorite perfume from La Occitane. She looked through her closet and sprayed a bit on her clothes and a little on her hair . She knew Subbu would like the smell.

The door bell rang, Pooja opened the door only to find the laundry woman return her clothes. She picks all her clothes and pays her the amount due. The laundry woman says "why aren't you wearing jasmine flowers, don't leave your hair open it isn't good sign". Pooja frowns and looks at her with a 'mind your business' face expression. She runs to the bedroom looks at the mirror, adjusting her eye shadow and make up again.

Subbu arrives with hair all ruffled, smelling of petrol and face painted with dirt from the pollution. Pooja asks him to freshen up. Pooja is anxious to know where he was taking her. She starts to think of all the restaurants he had shown her the previous week. She wondered where the restaurant was as they lived in the outskirts of the city.She calms herself and gets all excited about going to a jazzy restaurant.

Subbu said he was so hungry and couldn't wait to go to this restaurant. He looked at Pooja and said she looked Hot !! They sit on their favourite bike and Subbu drives for almost 45 mins. Pooja's thoughts take her to all 5 star restaurants she knew in the city. He stops his bike and Pooja looks around and she sees no restaurant, Subbu says"let me get some cash from ATM'. Pooja is now restless, Subbu parks his bike and runs into a road side cafeteria. He smiles and tells her you get best biryani here!!.

The food arrives and Pooja and Subbu sit on a rock watching the sea. She smiles at Subbu and tells him the Biryani was indeed the best one she ever had.

5 things in my to do list this summer

1. learn to swim
2. learn to drive
3. Sky dive
4. get back to dancing
5. get back to painting
6. Finish the long list of books i have piled up to read.
If you have finished laughing, yes I want to do all this , this summer. I want to write this on my post to remind me of things i want to do . This is one way to be at it. By the end of summer please ask me how much i have accomplished:-)

'Watch H1b hires' FBI tells American Firms!!


Jul 15, 2007

An ode to my fear
that rests in my mind
lest i utter and deluge my life

An ode to my thought
thats taravels every direction
lest i utter and cause havoc

An ode to your support
A power that lets me stay positive
lest i lose and i am erased

An ode to your love
I see through the storm
a bright sunny day
which was clouded
by my fear and my thoughts.

Jul 14, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I lay on the grass
A sunday afternoon
Basking the sun
While the kids play in the park
The mothers chatter

Music of the squirrels
colours of the butterfly
treat my soul
As i kiss the winds
that sweep my hair

Lazing on the grass
I yen for another sunday afternoon
as the winds breeze harder
and the rain washes me away

Jul 12, 2007


As we approaced 'ohri' as a pair,
language of silence filled the air
Across the table we sat,
Looking at the water fall ahead.

Intention to break the ice
Brought my glance to your gaze.
My heart skipped a beat
when your words,
brought my ears a treat.

Joys of my mind tickled to lips
when i said yes
for a journey
that together we began to cherish.

Fond memories of our rendezvous
flashes in front of me
As we sit across the table
sipping our tea

Global warming!!

Check this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/mid/6288012.stm

Allergic Reaction

Yesterday N came back from office looking all red and swollen. He had mentioned over the phone to me few hrs back that he has some kind of allergy. I guessed it was something he ate from the office Canteen. I asked him if he was breathing fine and if there was any problems swallowing. He said everything was fine except the sudden appearance of rashes and itching. I asked him to take an antihistamine tablet .

After he got back home , poor N was unable to move as any movement caused this unstoppable urge to itch. I acted cool like he looked OK. But seriously i haven't seen his face getting swollen so bad. i was feeling sorry for him. But i am glad he didn't have any symptoms of anaphylactic shock.

I dont want to describe what it is, just a brief overview. This happens when a person ingests/injects/inhales or skin contact of any allergen. All i would say is the best thing to do is have an antihistamine tablet, if the symptoms get worse then call the paramedics immediately, as its life threatening. For more information please read here.

N is at home today and his itching gone down drastically ....i do recognise my husband now finally. Thank god!! He is still drowsy with the antihistamine dose and is sleeping like a baby:)

Jul 11, 2007

Chennai in Connecticut!!!

When the temp is like 33degrees centigrade with 87% humidity you know summer is here.
You know summer is here when u shower twice and you look like you have had a work out.
You know summer is definately here when your curly hair stands up to say 'hello ' to every one.
Definately summer has brought back my memories of Chennai in Connecticut.

Thank God Iam here and i can wear what i feel without strangers giving me advices about how i need to dress in summer.

p.s: I was lectured by a lady in the bus stop in Chennai when i wore capris and a full sleeve shirt on a sunny summer day.oH ya !! She said i shouldnt wear something like this without a dhupatta( scarf)!!! The temp was just 40 degrees .
Did i feel bad?
Yes for taking the bus and just getting roasted with the temp and the lady not giving up through out the journey!!.

Jul 6, 2007

I have been tied up with lots of things and hence the hiatus. See you all soon with more posts !!!