Oct 5, 2008

Joys Of Motherhood

Children should come with an instruction Manual..... hahhaha this what a friend told me when she was having trouble with her newborn Ria. That line just stuck in my head. Seriously life would have been so much more easier to know why your kid is crying...
Why are you crying? Let me change your diaper, feed you, rock you, try to put you to bed.Do you have to burp? Nothing works you still scream!!! Are you colicy, gassy or plain fussy and decided to give your mom a hard time while your dad snores away to glory?
I must admit ocassionaly dad gets up half asleep and murmurs if i need help and passes out till the alarm rings the next morning!!! Joys of motherhood, will not exchange it for anything...but i take back my words of having 4 kids. I am done people, one is enough for me!!!