Jul 12, 2007


As we approaced 'ohri' as a pair,
language of silence filled the air
Across the table we sat,
Looking at the water fall ahead.

Intention to break the ice
Brought my glance to your gaze.
My heart skipped a beat
when your words,
brought my ears a treat.

Joys of my mind tickled to lips
when i said yes
for a journey
that together we began to cherish.

Fond memories of our rendezvous
flashes in front of me
As we sit across the table
sipping our tea


aabeirah said...

You know Mookuthi, there's something so simple and yet, something so poignant about your poetry. This is a really nice one...

mookuthi said...

Thanks sitara...Your comments mean a lot.Keep Reading

aabeirah said...


Manaswini said...

wow love this poem, its beautiful

Aparna said...

when I have the money, I will become a publisher and compile these poems into a little book.