May 21, 2011

New names

My 2 yr 10 month calls me Butter cup and his dad chocolate chip.....everything he says and does I feel like capturing that moment in time and store it away. A time when I can revisit and feel happy just like all times before:-)

May 14, 2011

Project : Painting

S (who is now 2 years 8 mns) had to make something for his teachers and this is what he made!! every single of them:)
Above two are his teachers that Lil S drew.He made a greeting card and put these sketches inside.The greeting card was made out of his old painting he made in his day care.

May 8, 2011

Precious Mother's day gifts:)

Aren't these gifts the most precious things ever!!
Lil S planted a bean seed in his day care and it grew this big....
A mothers day poster..
Am I lucky or what!!

May 6, 2011


It took this
And this...
to melt away the weeks stress from work....thank god for simple things in life. Life is beautiful:)

May 3, 2011

A very normal workday

After a big goof up taking the wrong direction train I reached my station close to work 2 hours late!!
As soon as I got out the train...this is what I saw

The sight of water,sound of waves as the rowers paddle away, smell of fresh air and lucious greenery just melted my stress away. Nothing was more pleasant to my senses than this. Thank you god for sending me such a beautiful day. I couldn't stop myself from sitting there for 10 mins admiring nature....I was 2 hours 10 mins late to work no biggie:-)