Apr 20, 2007


This poem is for you mummy

Mother, there is so much about you
That i would like to tell you.
I am waiting for words to pour,
Like the clouds ready to shower

My mind is restless
Thinking of our various tales.
I am stunned by your beauty,
something i would have wanted hereditary

Your eyes gleam,
filled with color green
sparkles and shines
like rays passing a prism.

How can i describe
your gaze and glances
but for a peacock
in the rain that dances.

I knew eyes could see
But they smile learned through thee.
Surprise, sadness and joy
are emotions your eyes ploy

Your presence is so serene
your thoughts so clean
You never mean a harm
and maintain your charm.

Nothing matters to you
More than me and you
With me you are ready to share
every minute and second near

Your lessons of courage
were different and strange.
when i was shattered and torn
You held me by my arm.
when your support i crave
you taught me to be brave

You laugh when i do
You cry when i do
You Listen to me
advise and help me

Today i moved away
But in touch we stay
Your voice i remember
SO loving and so tender.

Often I do wonder
will i be able to gather
your qualities as a mother ?


Anonymous said...

Its excellent, continue the good work!


aabeirah said...

@mookuthi: Chaala baagundi...

mookuthi said...

@aabeirah thank u:-)

Aparna said...

very touching. I am going to send this to my mother. Can I?

Mookuthi said...

Aparna:sure if you think it's apt send it your mom:-)