Apr 30, 2007

Road Trip

On a road trip i leave
To see a scene hard to believe
Thorns turn to pines
Rocks to snow capped mountains
From dry desert i travel
To a luscious green garden i ravel

I climb the camel back mountain
With a lot of perseverance and dedication
Like difficulties and sorrows
I walk one rock to another
All my fears come true
in the end i see it through.

As i stand on top the mountain
I see huge rocks turn small and little
teaching me a lesson of importance
time changes hurdles, minute and minuscule.

My eyes saw what i never reckon
spectacular change of a plain
to a canyon that i cant explain
first flush of the morning turns it blue, pink and scarlet
Twilight transforms blue to purple and to violet

cactus blooms red flowers
on top of cathedral rock towers
a white dove we see
peace and prosperity it foresees
The dry sand meets a stream
cascading through rocks
Turning every golden grass green

The gushing sound of stream i hear
smile it brings after a hard days hike i share
smell of cold water and fresh air
brings life to my nail and hair
Tall green trees protect
from the scorching sun that i detest.

pine trees to cactus blooms
from spring water to canyon lake
condors free fall or howling coyotes
humming birds to bumble bees
My journey starts, never to end
I have more to explore for i believe
heaven in here and its for us to preserve.

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