Aug 29, 2007

Fictional Fragment : Vijji and magie noodles

It was summer vacation, Vijji,Vali and Vichu were home.One afternoon little Vijji tired and hungry from playing went to her pati(grand mother)to feed her some food.Pati said it was 4 pm and and there is no more lunch left. She offered Vijji a drink. Vijji was hungry and she wanted to eat something tasty and spicy. Her grand mom tried offering Vijji different things from the kitchen,Vijji stayed stubborn and wanted grandma to make her something different and delicious.Vijji's dad who heard all this gave her some money to buy his favorite snack from a nearby shop. Vijji nodded no.Valli and Vichu tagged along and were hungry too.Being the eldest Vijji had no alternative but to listen to her Dad. Vali and Vichu who were busy climbing the terrace heard this and ran away. They didn't want to walk all the way to the shop with Vijji.

Vijji went running to the nearby shop. An Old man behind the store looked at Vijji and said, 'are you here for moong dal'. Vijji and her sister often came to buy 'moong dal'on friday afternoon for their father as it was his favorite snack. Vijji nodded yes. The shop keeper said "sorry no moong dal today would you like to try some Maggie noodles?". Vijji wondered what Maggie was?? He said its noodles and the most tasty thing he ever had . His wife an old lady popped out from nowhere and said "yes very nice... buy it". Vijji was short of cash but Store keeper said he would pick it up from his mom on her way back home from work.

Vijji was worried what her dad would say.But she was convinced that Maggie is the new thing and she was going to be famous when she talks about it to her friends in school.She reached home and told him about this amazing snack called Maggie noodles and how tasty it was. She told him that all her friends had tasted it and she was the only one left to eat it. Her dad laughed and said, 'give it to pati'.
Vijji ran up and asked her pati to make it for her. she called Vali and Vichu to tell them about the noodles. She was proud when she explained how tasty it was. Vichu and Vali were keen to have it .

Pati saw the packet and asked Vijji to read her the instructions. Vijji helped her pati to cook them for her. Her pati said 'why do these look like worms to me. Are you sure its not worms'? Vichu and Valli looked with a disgusting face ,as though Vijji had committed the most biggest crime in the world. Vijji was upset but she put her chin up and said It was the way it was made and tasted like nothing they have tasted before. Pati was worried that she had cooked worms in her kitchen.She looked at the idols of god asked them to forgive her for killing all those worms and cooking them for the kids.

Vichu and Vali tell Vijji that they were with pati and wouldn't eat those worms. Vijji wanted to cry . But she took those noodles and slipped them into her mouth and sucked them in. She was smiling. She said it was the most amazing thing she had eaten. She offered it to her dad who said it was really good.
Vichu and Valli now changed their minds and asked if they could have some.While they sat to eat Maggie noodles, Vijji had a beam on her face like she had invented noodles. Both Vichu and Vali loved Maggie . Vijji was happy she bought home Maggie noodles home.


aabeirah said...

Such a cute and real story. I feel that you should send these stories to Tinkle magazine. I feel that I'm reading a story for that age group and it's perfect, the story.

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Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.