Jul 11, 2007

Chennai in Connecticut!!!

When the temp is like 33degrees centigrade with 87% humidity you know summer is here.
You know summer is here when u shower twice and you look like you have had a work out.
You know summer is definately here when your curly hair stands up to say 'hello ' to every one.
Definately summer has brought back my memories of Chennai in Connecticut.

Thank God Iam here and i can wear what i feel without strangers giving me advices about how i need to dress in summer.

p.s: I was lectured by a lady in the bus stop in Chennai when i wore capris and a full sleeve shirt on a sunny summer day.oH ya !! She said i shouldnt wear something like this without a dhupatta( scarf)!!! The temp was just 40 degrees .
Did i feel bad?
Yes for taking the bus and just getting roasted with the temp and the lady not giving up through out the journey!!.


Radha said...

You should've just asked her to mind her own business!!

chilee said...

Only you would have an experience like that:) Good to see you back da! So i presume you are welcoming summer by wearing little or may be nothing heheheh

mookuthi said...

@Radha:She didnt seem to understand anything that i said...lol

@Chilee: I still try to wear clothes when i go out:)))