Oct 5, 2007

Hooked To MuSiC

I am addicted to SaReGaMaPa Show on the indain channel. Its becomes a routine to watch it every friday and staurday. The singers are excellent and its so relaxing to hear each one of them. What is really sad about the show is the drama of the Judges. Especially Mr. Himmesh Reshamiya... what a drama queen!!! I cant believe what nonsense he speaks on this talent show. From promoting false love stories(more of infatuation)to putting the contestants down only to promote his singer.

Irrespective of what nonsense he does on the show, the top 3 contestants are excellent and all three of them deserve to win. I love this show except the blah blah that comes out from Mr. Himmesh Reshamiya. God!! someone should tell him to shut up...its irritating for sure.

The top 3 contestants are
Raja Hassan, Amanat Ali and Aneek Dhar

Here is the site for you to check their performances.