Jul 12, 2007

Allergic Reaction

Yesterday N came back from office looking all red and swollen. He had mentioned over the phone to me few hrs back that he has some kind of allergy. I guessed it was something he ate from the office Canteen. I asked him if he was breathing fine and if there was any problems swallowing. He said everything was fine except the sudden appearance of rashes and itching. I asked him to take an antihistamine tablet .

After he got back home , poor N was unable to move as any movement caused this unstoppable urge to itch. I acted cool like he looked OK. But seriously i haven't seen his face getting swollen so bad. i was feeling sorry for him. But i am glad he didn't have any symptoms of anaphylactic shock.

I dont want to describe what it is, just a brief overview. This happens when a person ingests/injects/inhales or skin contact of any allergen. All i would say is the best thing to do is have an antihistamine tablet, if the symptoms get worse then call the paramedics immediately, as its life threatening. For more information please read here.

N is at home today and his itching gone down drastically ....i do recognise my husband now finally. Thank god!! He is still drowsy with the antihistamine dose and is sleeping like a baby:)

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