Aug 31, 2010

A day from the past

I almost forgot how I spent my days 3 yrs ago when I was at home full time. Today after many
Many days I spent all day doing my fav activities around the house. What more but relaxing.
The laundry, the dirty pots and pans, the unclean floor called out to me....but I did the most important things that made me happy i just was myself and lazed arround and did everything that made me happy. I had a good hour of yoga class
My cup of coffee without interruption. Really you have no idea how long it's been
since I had a cup of coffee without talking or even being interrupted.
I read one of my fav authors
Saw oprah Winfrey show
Cooked and of course attended to my never ending list of chores around my house.

End result inspite of going through my menstrual cycle iam still not grumpy, irritated sad depressed ..none of the symptoms that allways persists:)
I truly believe that when i do things i want and iam happy doing iam a happy person and there is peace in the house and i am making everyone arround me very happy:)

Aug 27, 2010

Dance Baby Dance!!

So in an attempt to find some clases arround my home ...I came across an awesome Bollywood Dance class. Ofcourse with fitness in my mind, i did join it. We performed for the india day celebration in new york and Stamford. The fun and enjoyment in learning and dancing is unexplainable. I love Dancing and this just opened doors for more fun.

I am going to post a clipping from our dance that we persformed in NYC as a part of Independence day celebrations. Pretty priety zinta was the grand Marshal.Apart fom that there were about 600+ audience , lots of food and amazing dance performances. It rained and lil S and N cheered. Lil S danced all the while i danced on the stage:)
I had funand hope you have fun watching it as well:))

Toddler lessons

This past 10 days Lil S was really sick. The usual clinging got even worse. Thank god i had 2 weeks off...Thank thank GOD!! I am not sure how days started and ended and all i remember is Lil S scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Days came and nights went..i hadn't stepped out of the house until the end of the week and My brother & his wife visited us to celebrate my Lil monster two. I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I had set of 4 hands to take care of him. He got better health wise and N took a deep breath and me smiled like i won a lottery!!. We went out hiked, watched movies, ate out , spoke for hours and it just seemed like the frustration went out of the window. Well he is a toddler what can u expect a sick toddler to do?
The next day again week 2 Monday ...Iam all in good mood but now suddenly Lil Angel S has turned 2 and he showed me what Naughty two meant:)
for one He wanted me to sit in his Car which was physically not possible hence he cried for 30 mins with screams of NOOOOOOOOOOOO WHICH PIERCED MY EARS and iam partially deaf to any kind of NO.
SECONDLY he want to sit on my hips and cook the entire meal just like he would want like cut 5 onions ...he doesn't care how u do it ...but it has to be onions ...if i put him on the floor there it goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AND CRY FOR 30 MINS
Then his creative mind struck and Picasso wanted his crayons...the next thing i know my white colored walls have been artistically scribbled with colors of all kinds. Let alone me being upset the next set of crying was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because i didn't say "WOW".. ANOTHER 30 MINS. After all that crying and me managing my house hold errands ..the end of the day i had to tell N to take care of him and i went out to RUN...if this is the beginning of terrible two i don't know what else is coming.

Lil S now speaks long sentences. He says Mommy look, i can throw the chair out of the window. Thank god he cant throw me out of the window .....
Was i talking about Baby 2...well the last 10 days the lesson my toddler taught me is Numero Uno get your act together and learn to deal with him let alone the idea of baby two don't even breathe about baby two.
That's Right...poor N is all sad ...but yeah one at a time.

All you Mothers of two and more babies..hats off to you and to your hubbies for everything that you guys have gone through with kids. Do tell me what you think and share your experiences with me:-)

Aug 4, 2010

Baby number two?

Time flies... well it disappeared. My lil baby is growing up fast. He talks a mile a minute. I enjoy everyday with his talks, his stories out of imagination, his tantrums, crying, whining, everything.
Motherhood makes me so happy that i crave for another one...but really when is a good time...i wonder. I talk to many many parents and everyone gives me their opinion and how they manage their finances etc... But really i feel is what works for one never works for another.
I have started to just started to take time off for myself laze arround, go to classes, read books write...well wrote something on this after a year.I wonder if thsi would be the right time. When i meet my other friends who have gotten preg the second time arround and i feel maybe its time for me. The good part is i have never ever envied another woman without kids...their free time...never. I dont even want to be without kids... Iam glad my lil one was a surprise and i hope my next is a surprise too ..there is an mystery, tension in a nice way ..a bit of stomach rolling when you find out you are pregnant and you havent thought about it or well didnt think you would. So iam so looking foward to all the oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, howwwwwwwwwww, nowwwwwwwwww, when, Ok, kind of expressions that follow:)