May 24, 2007

Story of my state id...

In the US you always need to carry some form of ID.The state ID has your date of birth and basically shows that you are a legal resident of America. I was in the office 4 times already and every time i was short of some document or the other. Today i was asked to bring a letter stating that i was on a dependent visa hence i would not be issued a ssn . If you live in US, it is very important to have a social security number(ssn) . As a dependent you don't get a ssn number. This is what i was told when i went to their office in dec2006. It was understood that without ssn you cant have a credit card, Bank account and u cannot work.
I ran to the ssn office waited there for a good 1 hour. The officer said 'who says you cant get a ssn ?' I reply 'sir, my friend was here yesterday she didn't get one'. lam afraid the laws have changed, and you get one !! In my head i am going ...did the law change overnight?? The officer tells me well i am not sure why the computer denied your friend but it lets me give you a ssn ". I think how can a computer decide...oh well I must be the lucky one. The letter states that the ssn will arrive by mail in 2 weeks and i would not be able to use it for work. Oh well, at least i can open my own bank account and have my own credit card:).
I now head to the DMV office to get my state id. I stand in the line for about 45 mins all happy , finally i have all the paperwork. The lady in the counter reads my letter and says" you have to wait till you get your ssn number dear". Iam like you are kidding me!! She says i cant register your name on my computer without your ssn. Come back with your ssn and i will issue a state ID. I beg literally ...because of my trip in two days and i didnt want to carry my passport . But yes, i was made to go back . So the story of my state id goes continue. I wonder what the computer will decide by the time iam in the office the next visit!!

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Radha said...

Govt offices are the same all over the world!! :)