Mar 30, 2007

Random Thoughts!!!

Up and down,
still like water,
pours like rain,
Dark and dusky sky
or bright sun!!

Laughter and Joy
Turmoil and peace
Celebrations and Mourning
Death and Life!!!

Materialistic or emotional
social or secluded
career or Family
Additions or substractions
Why me why you?? luck, faith, hope & destiny
Time will tell....

Mar 22, 2007

Chennai Times

After my wedding , I started catching up on my movies that i missed last 6yrs away from home . I fell in love with this actor called Surya!! Light eyed, dark skin , sharp features good acting capabilities. who cares!!! i was in love with him.
In the 3 months i lived in Chennai after my wedding I watched every single movie he acted. This is one of my favorite songs !!! It reminds me my days in Chennai....
I cannot sing like Shreya Goshal but i just wish i could, only for this one song:)
You too listen and enjoy:)) and tell me what you think of this song.
munbe va

Mar 21, 2007

This is cool!!!

I saw this in one of the blogspots i was reading really cool. Check it out:)

Mar 11, 2007

Childhood memories

Time and again i think of my house where all us 5 grew up. My brother, sister two of my cousins and me . Those days will never come back. They remain as fond memories locked in my mind forever. Here are few
1.Summer holidays eating mangoes...slurp slurp..:)
2. Reading amarchitra kathas
3. Eating chat patet!!
4. Cleaning our big old house the mission imposible.
5. Watching our milk man bring his buffaloes in our garden.
6. Ceaser and the coconut tree both were my age.
7. Climbing our terrace and unable to get down there were no stairs to the terrace ...we had to practically climb the wall and the poles.
8. Flying kites
9. Cannot forget how all of us named my lil brother after reading the story karthikeya. My parents decided to cut short and named him kartik:)
10. Stealing mangoes from our mango tree without our parents knowledge ...all 5 of us felt like we won a gold medal. The feeling was great!!
11. Eating molga bajji in our balcony while it would be raining cats and dogs.
12. Practising music in my bathroom before my music class...i disliked my music teacher.
13. Hated when he said i sang well. I wanted to quit so badly ...only becoz my uncles and cousins teased me and called me Saanii ( cow dung) while i sang verses where i had to say Sa Ni Sa Ni....
There is so much more to write...but thats for another blog.
Somethings are priceless like my childhood memories for everything else you have a master card:))
Tell me about your childhood memories:)

Mar 5, 2007


Uncertainity kills . How does one deal with restless mind? Being positive all the time is hard. How do you make them understand that this uncertainity wont last long. Things will fall in place and to be positive is the only way out.
One thing at a time , hope, faith and trust are all the goodies that will direct ones mind to be focussed. Its not too far away before you reach your goal. Aim higher and reach the stars!!!
Uncertainity will not last long.....:-)

Mar 4, 2007

Somethings about me:)

1.I am a hardcore romantic person. I get carried away by romantic gestures. Holding my hand in public or buying me flowers, jewellery, candlelight dinner, long drives, and lots of hugs are somethings i love.

2. I married a man i was in love with when i was 10 yrs old:)how filmi filmi!!!.

3. My best friend leena is someone i have known since i was 3 yrs old. I cant imagine my life without her:) She is truly someone i really enjoy being with.

4. I cannot live without music and love to dance ...I once went out dancing with friends and we danced for 6 hrs. I am a trained bharatnatyam dancer. My mother is a kathak dancer. Hence i would want to learn that form of dance sometime. I learnt to sing when i was 11 yrs old but i was never keen although my music master allways said i did a good job singing. I was put off by it i think bcoz of my music master...he just used to irritate me to the core:)

5 . I used to paint as a tahts something i need to look into . Not sure if my artistic skills still exisit.

6. Masala dosai and rasmalai are two things i love to eat.

7.I have a very different thumb....which is heriditary from my father.

If you are reading this you are tagged to write few things about you...i would love to read :)