Mar 4, 2007

Somethings about me:)

1.I am a hardcore romantic person. I get carried away by romantic gestures. Holding my hand in public or buying me flowers, jewellery, candlelight dinner, long drives, and lots of hugs are somethings i love.

2. I married a man i was in love with when i was 10 yrs old:)how filmi filmi!!!.

3. My best friend leena is someone i have known since i was 3 yrs old. I cant imagine my life without her:) She is truly someone i really enjoy being with.

4. I cannot live without music and love to dance ...I once went out dancing with friends and we danced for 6 hrs. I am a trained bharatnatyam dancer. My mother is a kathak dancer. Hence i would want to learn that form of dance sometime. I learnt to sing when i was 11 yrs old but i was never keen although my music master allways said i did a good job singing. I was put off by it i think bcoz of my music master...he just used to irritate me to the core:)

5 . I used to paint as a tahts something i need to look into . Not sure if my artistic skills still exisit.

6. Masala dosai and rasmalai are two things i love to eat.

7.I have a very different thumb....which is heriditary from my father.

If you are reading this you are tagged to write few things about you...i would love to read :)

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