May 1, 2007

Back From phoenix!!!

I am back and with a great sun tan:-). Wohooo...what a trip!!! I arrived on monday last at about 10 pm at phoenix airport. Drove to my cousins place. He lives in one of the nicest places in phoenix. Lots of palm trees.

Apart from chilling out, catching up with all my other family members did a lot of outdoor activities.
Climbed the camel back mountain .. 1.1 miles up and return. Quite steep and i almost thought would never be able to make it. But i did and so did my uncle who was 64.It was the best thing i did after being sedentary at home for the last 6mns. After 3 hrs of hike... the last thing i did was to move my body any further.

The next day a few of other family members joined us and we all(12 ) headed to Grand Canyon. It was the most lovely trip we ever had ...on our drive to it we saw the landscape change from dry land filled with cactus to pine trees and snow capped mountains.
Grand Canyon was formed some million years ago when snow melted and gushed through plains sculpting them the way it has done now.
There are 8 points to view Grand Canyon from

To see Grand Canyon was amazing...

There was a bus which took us from one point to another. It was hot(96degrees f) but the trip was worth while.
The next day took a trip to Sedona. Hiked the Cathedral rock and did all the tourist views in Sedona.

One of the most spectacular views that i have seen . The trip from flagstff arizona to cathedral rock sedona was just amazing.
The cathedral rock in Sedona is a steep hike about 1.1 miles up and back. Most places are dry hot and some shady with a small stream running by. The rock looks almost like lord ganesha . What is fantastic is in the beggigng of the trail you see cactus bloom and in between the trail gets all this shade from trees and cool breeze and fresh air from the water gushing in the stream.
It is'nt tiring as the trail runs from one amazing view point to another.I will post some pictures for you to see and enjoy:)
The last day went Kayaking in Canyon lake. 8 of us in a kayak and 2 in canoe. It was tiring but good work out and lots of scenic beauty to view. Saw couple of Blue herons, few swans and ducks swimming across the lake.

With all this beautiful, wonderful memories i head back to good old Connecticut on Monday night:(

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