Jan 22, 2010

2009 recap

Pay cut
My lil S started his day care and the series of his sickness.
Travel travel travel
New job
started 2009 at cincinati and ended right there:
lil S turned a year old.
Brother got engaged and we are excited abt our new addition to the family.
Sister is pregnant and it's going to Be a boy
learnt a lot about myself and learnt to deal with people I normally won't put up with.
I learnt time heals most things and most problems comes in relationships with 3rd person interfering and you don't do anything about it.
I feel that I can't be bound by custom traditions and it completely suffocates me.
I alsolearnt that's it's hard for me to forgive people who say mean things about my loved ones.
Diplomacy is not allways bad.
Putting up with mumbling just screws ones own head.
Don't spend money when you don't want to.
So I guess 2009 wasn't all that bad then huh ...it tought me some of the hardestlessons of my life.