Jun 8, 2007


I dream of you
lips as pink as rose
eyes as beautiful as a deer.
Face thats round as a moon
skin like petals to touch

I dream of you
your smile a rainbow in my planet
Your laugh rain to my desert

like a stream gushing to
quench a gardens thirst
your hug brings all peace and
meaning to my lifes worth

i dream of you
Playing in my backyard
running and causing havoc
Eating all that you reach
and sleeping anywhere you can

I dream of your soft words
That has no meaning
but i await to hear
you babble
like a poem i will cherish
every word i will treasure

I dream of you
every day, every night.


Radha said...

Ah ha! Who is this person you dream of??? ;-)

mookuthi said...

Radha...Its a baby i dream of:) lol

Aparna said...

very touching