Jun 14, 2007

Indian Idol(3)

I didnt know that there was something called indian idol that existed untill my friend mentioned it to me. My friend from UK called me one day to tell how excited she was as her sister was one of the contestants for indian idol. She wasnt sucessful, but ofcourse it got me hook to it.
My Favourites so far have been 1. Meiyeng chang, 2. Emon chatterjie 3. charu 4.joly das
I will paste the link here for u to watch and enjoy!!



Lotus Reads said...

I watched "Indian Idol" a couple of years ago and was hooked, I haven't found time to watch it this year...tell me again what time do I look for it on Sony and what day?

Thanks, Mookothi!

mookuthi said...

Hi lotus,
Thanks for stopping by. Can i tell you that i love your blogs and visit it everyday. Your way of writing is really amazing.
I watch Indian Idol on www.Bakwaas.tv
It usually airs on saturday and sunday nights in india. I am sorry i really dont know what time the show is on Sony T.V
Hope This helps.