Jul 27, 2008

Vallaikapu or Bangle Cermony

I had my traditional baby shower or vallaikapu on Sunday.
Vallai=round as a bangle
Kapu= protection

The ritual is normally done in the 7 month. The parents of the "mom to be" usually perform this cermony.The "mom to be" wears a black saree probably the only time she is allowed to wear a black saree on an auspicious occasion. The color black is mostly considered to take away all evil eyes laid on the pregnant woman!!!
The woman that come to the ocassion give bangles to the mom to be symbolising that she is protected. Even number of bangles are worn in one hand and odd number in the other. Gold and silver bangles are also given to the "mom to be".

The "mom to be" is adorned with gifts and presents and sent away to her mothers house for the delivery . It is considered that making the mother happy transfers the happiness to the baby as the emotional development is considered to take place arround this time.

To me black is sexy, i loved that i could wear black on some ocassion with no older ladies giving me a stare...hehehe. The highlight of the cermony was the surprise get together in a hotel nearby. The food was awesome and it was definately a great surprise and just made me feel so special. Thanks N you are too sweet. I may not say this many times as i think in my head...but i sure did thank him for making it so big an ocassion and so special. All my family and very close friends were there and i just loved the fact i could spend my time with my family.

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Shar said...

Yes Rajji..u r special, "pregnant or not pregnant".....