Jun 18, 2008

Time to blog!!!

Its 9.30 pm and am so sleepy. Pregnancy, work and travel takes most of my life leaving me to do nothing. I want to blog about everything i feel and experience and just don't find time. How sad!! Blogging my fav pass time takes a set back. There are 3 books waiting in my shelf to be read and to be returned to the library.
Life for me is moving fast like a tornado. It was just yesterday it seems that i found out am going to be a mommy...and here am 28 weeks into it.
Let me tell you when i do get engrossed with materialistic things the Lil movements of my baby, makes me realise the miracle taking place in my womb. Its amazing to feel your own baby moving and kicking.Words cant describe what i feel ..it has to be experienced and i thank god for being a woman to understand that!!
Apart from this excitement, we moved to a new apartment with a big balcony. I cant wait to buy a hammock and read some of my books while they wait anxiously in my shelf. The weather is gorgeous these days except for few pours now and then. Even before i forget there was a heat wave last week with the temperature rising to 108f. The worst feeling to be with working with kids in a school with no AC and fan. Yes you heard it right...no AC OR FAN!!!I was shocked that in NYC you could have schools that did not provide AC or fans to the kids . I was stuck in one such school and pregnancy didn't help either. I probably drank about 5litres of water one day ...of course where was i most of the time ...in the bathroom.
Yeah bathroom seems to be my favourite spot these days , i am thinking maybe i should just live there and make it my bedroom:)I guess like burping, farting, constipation,fatigue, exhaustion and bloating, Peeing frequently is an incentive of being pregnant:).I would like to add more but time to sleep and more about my pregnancy in my next.Finally...i am excited to blog back:)

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