Aug 27, 2010

Toddler lessons

This past 10 days Lil S was really sick. The usual clinging got even worse. Thank god i had 2 weeks off...Thank thank GOD!! I am not sure how days started and ended and all i remember is Lil S scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Days came and nights went..i hadn't stepped out of the house until the end of the week and My brother & his wife visited us to celebrate my Lil monster two. I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I had set of 4 hands to take care of him. He got better health wise and N took a deep breath and me smiled like i won a lottery!!. We went out hiked, watched movies, ate out , spoke for hours and it just seemed like the frustration went out of the window. Well he is a toddler what can u expect a sick toddler to do?
The next day again week 2 Monday ...Iam all in good mood but now suddenly Lil Angel S has turned 2 and he showed me what Naughty two meant:)
for one He wanted me to sit in his Car which was physically not possible hence he cried for 30 mins with screams of NOOOOOOOOOOOO WHICH PIERCED MY EARS and iam partially deaf to any kind of NO.
SECONDLY he want to sit on my hips and cook the entire meal just like he would want like cut 5 onions ...he doesn't care how u do it ...but it has to be onions ...if i put him on the floor there it goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AND CRY FOR 30 MINS
Then his creative mind struck and Picasso wanted his crayons...the next thing i know my white colored walls have been artistically scribbled with colors of all kinds. Let alone me being upset the next set of crying was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because i didn't say "WOW".. ANOTHER 30 MINS. After all that crying and me managing my house hold errands ..the end of the day i had to tell N to take care of him and i went out to RUN...if this is the beginning of terrible two i don't know what else is coming.

Lil S now speaks long sentences. He says Mommy look, i can throw the chair out of the window. Thank god he cant throw me out of the window .....
Was i talking about Baby 2...well the last 10 days the lesson my toddler taught me is Numero Uno get your act together and learn to deal with him let alone the idea of baby two don't even breathe about baby two.
That's Right...poor N is all sad ...but yeah one at a time.

All you Mothers of two and more babies..hats off to you and to your hubbies for everything that you guys have gone through with kids. Do tell me what you think and share your experiences with me:-)


Aparna said...

I was going thru all your older blog posts sequentialy clickign away on the "older posts" link at the bottom of each page until there wasnt one left to click. I enjoyed every peice of it, the prose and the poetry, after a while even the prose felt like poetry:). After I was done reading, I realised you had a newer post today, and I was like yaaaay - new one. I hope your kid is doing better now. Continue to find time to blog. I have an 8 month lil S as well :) so it felt dejavu reading your blogs on your lil S. Yesterday my son woke up in middle if night crying and wudnt stop, I let him be, just to see how long he can cry, after a while surely he stopped and then started laughing and playing like a drunk. All my frustrtion and exhaustion just flew outta the window seeing him switch from crying to laughing for no apparent reason :)

Manjari said...

Nostalgic feelings on reading ur post >:)

Mookuthi said...

Aparna: thanks for your kind words. Do let me know if you want me to write on putting babies to bed or if you have issues with your lil one that you need to ask another mommy. I would love to share my experiences. Also do blog's great way to vent out, put your imagination to words and to connect yourself to your creative world.
I would sincerely advice you to blog on your lil one it's never too late I didn't and I regret . It's fun to go back and read...they grow fast!!

Manjari: you went ahead and had another one... Hats off to you:-)

Aparna said...

thanks for motivating me to blog. I will be lying if i said I wasnt motivated to blog after reading urs, but I am not as gifted to craft words in a way that I can put my thoughts into words. I admire that you can take time to read, blog, tend for a little one, take care of all the indispensable everyday tasks and yet imagine to write beautiful poetry. Sure I would love to hear your exp on how to put a little one to bed, he has a very disturbed sleep, I need to pat him to bed every time he gets fidgety, so gettign even 2 hrs of uninterrupted sleep is far from possible these days.