Aug 31, 2010

A day from the past

I almost forgot how I spent my days 3 yrs ago when I was at home full time. Today after many
Many days I spent all day doing my fav activities around the house. What more but relaxing.
The laundry, the dirty pots and pans, the unclean floor called out to me....but I did the most important things that made me happy i just was myself and lazed arround and did everything that made me happy. I had a good hour of yoga class
My cup of coffee without interruption. Really you have no idea how long it's been
since I had a cup of coffee without talking or even being interrupted.
I read one of my fav authors
Saw oprah Winfrey show
Cooked and of course attended to my never ending list of chores around my house.

End result inspite of going through my menstrual cycle iam still not grumpy, irritated sad depressed ..none of the symptoms that allways persists:)
I truly believe that when i do things i want and iam happy doing iam a happy person and there is peace in the house and i am making everyone arround me very happy:)

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