Aug 26, 2009

Pregnancy and Diet

Ok so i have been talking to my cousin who found out she is pregnant ..huraahhh..
It reminded me of my first days when i found out i was pregnant. Of course the first days i mean around 8 weeks. Yes i was so laid back or lets say dead sure that i wasn't going to get pregnant that i never even bothered to test:)
So i was on this really awesome diet that i gained exactly how much i had to gain for my weight ie 22 pounds. So here iam writing exactly what i ate so my cousins or fellow blogger can read if they are interested.
Break fast: 1 big glass of water as soon as i wake up,
1 cup oatmeal with i glass of milk(traditional oats
sometimes i had toast(wholewheat bread) eggs in any form

Mid morning snack 10-15 almonds/walnuts /pecans
1 apple
1 cheese stick(low fat)
1 cup pom juice

Lunch 2 cups rice
green veges
egg if i haven't eaten in my breakfast
1 cup yogurt

tea time 1 or 2 apple/ any fruit (nectarine, peaches, pear etc)
1 cheese stick
1 cup milk

dinner 2 wholewheat rotis
1 cup yogurt

1 hour before sleep: 1 cup milk
and lots and lots of strawberries

I was asked to follow a diet where i eat " Protein, fat and Carbs" in every meal breakfast lunch and dinner. I was asked to drink 4 glasses of milk for calcium, avoid
caffeine, chocolate, sugar through out pregnancy, mushrooms and lettuce in the first trimester. I also ate avocados for fat and ate lots of oats for fiber.

I walked 2 miles a day ever day irrespective of of how tired i was. I think if i was able to maintain a good weight it was more bcoz of staying active than anything else.

I tried not to give in to my cravings...but every now and then meaning once in a week i would hog on ice cream especially my last trimester was summer and i couldn't deal with the heat and really needed to keep myself cool.

I also drank 2 liters of water in a day.... of course i almost built a tent outside my bathroom...yeah iam serious i was thinking of just sleeping outside the bathroom as i couldn't deal the constant visit to pee.

That's all i can think of ..for now. I will update this post as i remember . Till then be happy and enjoy your pregnancy. Remember you are pregnant not handicapped , lead a normal life do everything that makes you was indeed the most wonderful part of my life.

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