Aug 31, 2009

Mommy world

Kids they are the most wonderful thing to happen to anyone. I know the stress that come with them but it's all worth at the end . They teach you life's most valuable lessons that you cannot learn in an university or under no life course teachings. Just as my lil S is heading to be a toddler the urge to have another kid just runs into my head every now and then.
There is always the usual talk bat when to have the next and whats the correct spacing ...I won't discuss that here bcos it works differently for different pol and their background. As for me I am ready to have another one a brother or sister for lil S to play/share/fight/enjoy.
Being the eldest of 3 I know what fun it was growing up with 2siblings and I can't trade anything for the wonderful memories I have growing up with my brother and sister.

Yesterday, after a long time ...i actually told my husband that I really would like to have more kids. That's right not another one..more.SOme times it's scary how I get attached lil S. Sometimes i feel my world just starts with him and ends with him. I am sure all moms feel the same way (attachment). But i wonder if all moms think its scary to be so attached to one Lil kid so much so that you feel your world will end without him or her. I am thinking just like my mom or all others i know who have more than 1 kid they probably share their attachment with their kids and it doesn't feel this intense? Maybe maybe not.
On the flip side I don't want to end up feeling attached to all three of them and feel devastated when its time to let them go .
What do you Moms think about you share the same feeling..i would definitely love to know.

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