Jun 21, 2009


After a long time N and myself have supper on time.Untimely food and unhealthy food just had been our routine for a while. I dont know how many times we must have had pizza in a month:). Sometimes we listen to our toungue rather than our mind or body. As per my promise...i have been still able to keep up to one new recipie that interests N. I havent heard him complain a day about not having good food. Iam happy. In this process i have taken a great deal of interest in learning new recipies that are healthy, quick and tasty to eat. Tasty is numero uno on N's list and healthy on mine. So far the food that is being cooked has satisfied both our conditions. So far so good.

Lil S goes to the day care now.Its hard to leave him for long hours at the day care. I tell myself that it gives him an oppurtunity to meet other kids and play and i get to work a lil bit. In the evenings when all three of us sit to eat supper we feel like a family. Its better this way than stay home,get frustrated and exhausted. Hence hats off to all stay home moms who do what they do.Iam noone to say whats right and whats wrong but this situation works for us and i am at peace with it.

Sleepless nights are still a part of our lives and yes both of us no longer cry or complain about it...we enjoy. Yes thats right we enjoy playing in the middle of the night with S or clean his poop or even just rock him to sleep.
Being a parent is wonderful, you have to experience to know what it is. Rest is all words and only words.

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