Jun 23, 2009

Day Care

Day care, the dilemma to send the baby to a day care is in every parents mind especially working moms.The other choice being a nanny. But how do one really trust another person in your home? At least in a day care there are cameras...but really does that solve the purpose? The only thing that consoles me is my Son will have friends as he is a peoples person. i know it when i see him laugh and enjoy when he sees other kids. What would he learn if he stayed home alone with a nanny. ON the other hand will the day care teachers take good care of him like parents do? Will they actually pick him up when he cries? will they feed him if he refuses once or twice. Will they read to him? With all this questions in my mind i can just be brave and send him to a day care like i would to his school when he is ready.

I am not sure how most working moms feel but Iam most of the time feeling guilty for not able to take care of my son. Either he is been taken care of by grand parents and or he would be put in a day care. whatever the case is , i always feel he is my responsibility and its my duty to give him the best care i can. Saying that what would i do without working. Being a therapist is all i have known all along. I am not sure if i could be a stay home mom. I know i would be frustrated and upset if I am not contributing to my family financially. I have been an independent person and independent in every aspect.

I am on a break now and i think i just have to enjoy every day i have with my son and take things as it comes.Such is life you got to do what you got to do.


Radha said...

personally, i think a trusted nanny is better than daycare.

what babies that age really need is stimulation. someone who can keep talking to them, teaching them new words, show them new things. with a good nanny, who does that, who genuinely feels affection for your baby, your baby is in good hands.

at daycare centers i've often seen babies just lying in their chairs/ cribs by themselves, playing with themselves, talking to their hands.

of course, the main problem is finding a good trustworthy nanny.

mookuthi said...

hi radha so true...but for now sushen is going to a day care where they read to him. they all have a music class where they all get a music instrument that they want to pick and play it....its very very hygenic and with 1:3 ratio and OFCOURSE its ridiculously expensive;)
i have no luck with a GOOD nanny so far:(.....hows it going with your lil one...are you working or planning to?