Jun 21, 2009

Back from hibernation

Oh how i missed writing. But the last six month was one rollercoaster ride. Although i did learn a lot about myself and people arround me. I learnt that no matter what some relations stay true to their name.

Lil S is now 10 mns..he is growing fast. I would wonder how i would bring him up, but iam surprised i have learnt so much from him. Every single day he makes me realise that certain things are not taken for granted. Sleep is definately something i really treasure. To be able to sleep 8hrs without being interrupted is a dream now.

After having family for so long,things are a bit hectic. But i must admit iam enjoying being busy and being able to spend my time with Lil S.Now he reads with me..although his reading style is a bit different than mine ...i dont understand what he is saying. But i sure know he is reading in his baby language with me.

The first thing he did after he crawled fowards was to pick his books...boy was i thrilled or what!! I am glad he loves books. He has now adapted to play on his own. I was a bit worried after his grandparents left. I wondered how he would react to being on his own. He missed them on the first day and then after he found his friends in his toys and books.
Children adapt so well to a new situation they live in present they forget past and dont worry about future.Thats my new lesson as of now!!

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Manjari said...

Welcome back after a very long time..