Jan 16, 2011

The weight loss tamasha!

It's been 2 weeks into new year and my battle to weight loss is still going on.
Every single day I have been Reading articles on correct diet, exercise regime, to do lists etc. The frustration builds up as I don't find time to do anything. I have a relative at home that's leaving tomorrow. So tomorrow is my day to start with my south beach diet.
Frankly it's the only diet that let's me eat all the time while I shed pounds I did that right after lil S was born and lost all belly fat. Ofcourse I didn't continue and added lots and lots of pounds on my trip to India and it's been a story /tamasha about weight loss again.

I started this abs crunch set of exercises that was published in prevention magazine. It has a routine that one needs to follow and I will update my weight loss in a weeks time.
Wish me luck:-)
Jan 15
Weight in pounds 134 :(
Target =115
time line may 15
More on this a week later on tamasha part 2

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Manjari said...

All the best..
Wish me too.