Jan 15, 2011

Introducing Kekadruma

Kekadhruma what who?? my husband when half asleep trying to tell a story to lil S named an aligator " Kekadhruma" Lil S calls his alligator " Keka druma". We wanted the alligator to be the bad guy in the story...however Lil S loves Kekadruma to bits and now in my mind Lil S is our Kekadruma.
So now Kekadruma is this sweet aligator who in our stories every night tells Lil S things we want him to know. Drinking from Sippy Cup, POOPY in the potty, using crayons on paper and not on walls..etc and etc. This somehow happens to be our fav character in our house. We recently bought an alligator from IKEA and Lil S loves his kekadruma and takes him to bed ...reads him books and wakes him up and says bye when he goes to school. In the original story the good boy elephant was named "Sushendra" after lil S . Lil S likes his elephant "Susindra"too . He digged out an elephant soft toy from his toy box and now Sushindraand Kekadruma both lay next to My lil S Our own" Kakadruma"

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