Sep 30, 2010

Finding Myself

Its been almost a year and i have always wondered what i really want to be. Meaning what id like to do. My thoughts wander here and there and i come back to same routine . Same old work/home/errands/chores.In the past 2 years after Sushens birth i have realised one thing that hapiness is " now". Its not what i will feel if i had or did something. Hapiness is a way its my way of living. In my own way.. i have started doing lil things that keeps me happy. eg reading a magazine i always wanted to on my way to work. Writing my blog from my iphone. enrolled my self to a dance class. Which actually made me realise that iam a performer. I love dance , i love being fit, i love execises and to excercise, all topics of health make me alive and so want to know more. I am an artist as well. With all these qualities i have been wondering what i could do? This question arrises every now and then when iam so agitated at work, when iam unhappy at work. I am meant to do something else and this is not my path.Dont get me wrong i do my job to 100% but my heart is not at what i do. I quit my work this week. It wasnt the best way or the reason to get out but it definately gave me peace. I felt so at a big burden offmy shoulders. I now see a clear picture of what i want and i am on my path to acheive my Goal. I know i will find me ...soon Me who will enjoy every day every hour and every min.

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