Jul 5, 2009

Yoga and my wonderful experience!!

Yesterday my very first time ever in a yoga class. I knew it was about flexibility relaxation etc.. I went in expecting to just laze arround and do some streching excercises. I am taken by surprise. It was hard!! I couldnt stay in some poses for more than 10 sec max.I thought i was so flexible and here i could feel tightness in areas i never knew exisisted.The background music was amazing it took me to a place where i could visualise water falls, hear the rustling noise of the trees, smell the air after first rain fall. Whatever it was it just relaxed me and now iam addicted to Yoga. So much so i dont care what iam doing i have to go attend my yoga class:)

I wish i knew about this when i was really stressed and whne stressors were a part of my life. But neverthless i know now and who ever is experiencing any kind of stress yoga class is your saviour. I swear by it!!

BTW this pic is from healthadavance.com, just love where this woman is sittng...i so want to be in her spot:)

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