Jan 30, 2009


Its been a while when i have been thinking about my friends in general. I have a big list of friends i do keep in touch. Of late because of series of events i have been thinking of just clearing off my list of friends. Sometimes its good to review and see who your true friends are. Its been a while and i have been putting up with some nonsense...either have so call friends say things to you which is not very nice. How can someone insult you in public when they tell you that you are their good friend? So i do have a few that are definitely coming of my list. One that is jealous of how my new born looks, one that out rightly tells me how old i look,one that thinks being a friend is baby sitting me !! Ridiculous. It been tough to ignore them and not listen to their problems. But like one of my close friends tell me are they worth your time? i definitely think no.
After having S i definitely have a different perspective to life. I always feel that there is very little time for my family and very little time to spend with my little one. In all this the last thing i would like to do is waste my time on useless people who add no value to my life but to belittle me on every instance.

Maybe not my new years resolution , but my new resolution in my life to have friends who are worth my time!!

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Radha said...

thats a good resolution... :)
finding good friends is an absolute blessing.